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    After 150 days on nofap I still think it is worth to continue eternally, therefore the days counting is not important anymore.

    Now I am new man who everyday is trying to change something in my life. A few weeks ago I decided to stop eating any kind of sweets and now I eat fruits only.

    Soon I am starting my new job.

    Now I easily talk to people and what is the most important for me with women.

    Nevertheless there is still a lot to change. I am still lonely person and wiling to be in a mature relationship but the way to succeed it is still very long if it ever happens.

    I do not masturbate and do not watch porn anymore and it is great feeling. But I still have some urges especially when I am sad, angry or borred. That is why when I am sad I am trying to meet someone (neighbour for example) and cheer that person up. When I am angry I work out or walk my dog, When I am borred I clean my flat, read or trying to learn something new.

    Summing it up, I do not have any super powers and I am not perfect yet due to nofap. But nofap is giving me the power to change everything what is possible to change and to face with my problems.

    My advice for you is to turn of your computers with porn. Zipp up your pants and look someone to talk to, cheer someone up even if you are sad and lonely. You are the one who can change the world!!!!
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    150 days is great, well done. You don't have to be perfect though. Keep up.
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  3. Growth is a slow process and you sir are growing every day. You may not even be fully aware of the extent of your growth. Thank you for the encouragement that gives me hope that I too can exceed 150 consecutive days PMO free. Keep up the spirit.
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  4. I wish forward to reach your streak. Motivation not to fap is that fapping wont give me anything. No urges unlike you however.
    Anyway I can understand your loneliness. Im on the same quest - to change this lonely life. Interesting that when you feel sad you go and cheer someone up. Like in that quote - When you have nothing, its time to give.
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  5. fredbe

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    Good work man, we can all look up to your strength and character.
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    Great post. Very motivating. Keep the strong mentality. I have been where you are but i relapsed. I am hoping to be back at it once and for all.
  7. nikh

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    Thanks for the post - encouraging to read. I am also aware of how the loneliness can be and am always looking for new ways to get around it - cheering people is a good idea.
  8. Sanny bloom

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    I can't control my urges
  9. AChosenPeople

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    Go out somewhere. Install K9 Web protection and let some friend lock it with a password.
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    It can be impossible to control, once they accumulate after longer period of time...
    Just be aware that it's simply how it works, so don't be suprised.
    That's why we need to pray, think good thoughts when we can - when we have the energy and will to do so... because they will manifest later and can help you in these times you feel urged.

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