Overcoming addiction through Obsession

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    Hey there guys! So, I've been trying to do this whole nofap thing for a while, and I have had little success. Admittedly, I need to get stronger in a lot of areas in my life, such as my prayer life, social life, and work life, and I feel like nofap is standing directly in the path of my success. I can't keep doing this anymore. This morning and last night I broke down and did pmo again just because I had a bad night at work. I'm feeling so down right now, but I will say that I have a glimmer of hope. I've been watching these motivational videos for a while now and some of the things they say in there is that you have "got to be HUNGRY" and that you have got to be obsessed with success. It cannot just be a little change here or there, but instead it has to come from somewhere deep within the inner man. Nofap begins in the mind and works it's way outward, not the other way around. Sure, you stop pmo, that's great, but that hunger to stop carries over into other aspects of your life as well. I had a long (for me) streak a couple weeks ago and I woke up every day with this HUNGER that I could not explain. When I was on Nofap for literally only 2 weeks, I felt more alive that I ever have. I woke up and sprung out of bed for my morning workout, excited and thankful for another day that the Lord had given me. The longer I went, the more I realized that my entire life was changing, not just my energy levels or my sexual drive, but deep down at the very core of who I am was satisfied, not in porn, but in the act of living porn free. All that being said, I want that newness back. I want my life back. I have so many dreams that I want to accomplish, and now I'm not only hungry, but I'm obsessed. Stay hungry brother.

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