Overcoming Loneliness and Fap Addiction

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by JustALoner, May 24, 2019.

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    Uh, how do I start. For almost 5 years, I always thought will it be okay to have no girlfriend or sexual relationship and I was fine with it. But whenever I tell,have a girlfriend or sex otherwise you will always be a loner with no one around. At first I ignored it like it's nothing but deep inside I was feeling sad and lonely deep inside my heart. And the feeling just kept getting stronger and worser day by day. I become depressed. I started watching porn to relive from my depression and start fapping whenever i feel depressed. But one day I saw an anime and some motivational videos that really changed my entire life,the anime name is One Punch Man by the way.I burst out of my emotions and started crying so much. And I came to realize that I was so much stressed about what other people will think about my lonely life and having sex or not or having relationship or not was not even worth any value.What I really wanted to be is just being myself and forget what other people will think. The picture became clear to me that I still have my friends and my family who still supports me. With them I can still be happy and share my fine moments. From that day onwards I stopped watching pornography and fapping. I feel more refreshed and happy then ever. My depression started vanishing quickly. I don't know if I will be a virgin for my life or not but I know one thing for a fact that now I don't need to worry about such things anymore as long as I can be happy in my own way. If you really want to overcome loneliness and fapping,see some motivational quotes or videos and meditate. And try to implement it into your life,at first it will be hard,a lot hard. But over time you will manage to overcome it.Life will start becoming more peaceful.You will realize the real meaning of a peaceful life.But don't quit it. Be like not yet there is still more to do.No matter what others say living your life has nothing to do what others think,you can still be happy in your own way without worrying too much about relationships and sex. After all,these things are temporary that never lasts forever. You can become a lonewolf champion of your field. Just do what you think is genuinely right. Then life will start getting very simple for you
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    Yes man... We have to get the mindset that we are sufficient for ourselves... I now it's dificult but we have to go this way.

    day 35 here and I don't expect miracles with NoFap, but I can already see benefits like: more confidence, better voice and so on...
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