Penis hypersensitive during NOFAP?! (Normal mode)

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by dax96, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. dax96

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    Hi guys,
    I started NoFap(normal mode) because of my Ed.
    I think it went away,in fact I can get an erection with my gf but now I have PE!
    With my gf I lasted 30 seconds!
    My penis is ultrasensitive even when I’m alone.
    Even when I have not a boner,all the time,in my underwear I feel vibes! H24!
    I fapped and it’s the same(I thought it was anxiety).
    How is it possible? This will go away in normal mode?
    I’m desperate.
  2. p1n1983

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    Take it easy man! now you are working like a man should work, congratulations! You regained sensitivity like a virgin would have. Have sex with your girlfriend and with time your are going to be able to last longer. In the mean time, slow your pace. Have slow sex, stop before the no return point, etc.
  3. Rev2.0

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    From what I've heard from women, if you have to deal with PE or DE, PE is far preferable. PE makes her feel like she's so hot you can't hold out anymore, but with DE she starts wondering why you can't get off with her. I've had bouts of both and DE is by far worse, for you and your partner.
  4. Sleeperhead

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    Premature ejaculation is by and large conditioned behaviour.

    Consider this. When you watch porn you are frantically scanning, searching and clicking and your dopamine is going wild. You can orgasm to porn in seconds if you allowed yourself.

    You give up porn. And then you have sex. Is it not any wonder that you finish so easily?

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