Penis shrinking, Testosterone Rising-Lowering

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by MotivationWarrior, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. MotivationWarrior

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    I've seen on a video that a doctor was saying that excessive masturbation causes penis shrinkage because of hormonal inbalances but he also said that excessive abstinence of masturbation may also cause shrinking to penis. Also another article said that relapse in first two weeks decreases testosterone but on third week it increases because testosterone falls. Do you have any thoughts?
  2. Unexist

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    I think you need to stop this line of thought, penis size isn't important.
    Stop P and M and your sex lifes will improve.
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  3. Breadman

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    I’m 70 now. I was same sex sexually abused as a young teen, became promiscuous with men and women for four years, masturbated 6 or 7 times a day as a young guy, I’m married with children grandchildren now, was porn addicted, and now I’m trying to stop M. My dick is the same now as it was at 18. Cold and exercising hard are what makes my dick get smaller and that’s only temporary. Stop worrying.
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    [QUOTE = "MotivationWarrior, post: 2194506, member: 335130"] Bir videoda, bir doktorun aşırı mastürbasyonun hormonal dengesizlikler nedeniyle penis küçülmesine neden olduğunu söylediğini gördüm, ama aynı zamanda aşırı mastürbasyonun büzülmesine de neden olabileceğini söyledi. penise. Diğer bir makalede, ilk iki haftadaki nüksün testosteron azaldığını, ancak üçüncü haftada testosteron düştüğü için arttığını söyledi. Düşüncelerin var mı? [/ QUOTE]
    No dick
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    I'm a little late to this thread, but it sounds like a lot of bologna. You can't get all worked up over shit you just read on the internet, not that it matters anyways. What use is your dick if you never heal yourself of this addiction? Porn has truly poisoned us all.
  6. Black ∆ Fang

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    Quite the contrary, if this is your case in NoFap, I've a complete different story.

    Never have I felt my d size this big and fatter when flaccid. At least I can say, nofap improved my d size alot
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    It is not shrinking per say. But poor blood circulation will make your erection weaker and your penis swell less. Theres also peyrinie disease that can shorten your penis
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