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    Conversation: Real Human Link
    "We must not speak to strangers", we have heard this statement many times. Let's challenge to societal norms with our vision.
    Conversation is the only way to create a links with someone. Just imagine your friend was a stranger to you before your first conversation. interestingly, with every conversation your link gets stronger and stronger. Consequently, We can say it is the only way to give you a whole new perspective about somebody.
    Conversations opens a door for you to enter in somebody's life if you use it then we can and up with war or even with peace. With our positive and enthusiastic beginning of for conversation with a stranger we can end up making him friend or even best friend. Consequently, Only way to judge somebody.
    so with conversations, we build links. Everyday we make new links and how will it affect our life will totally depend on a way to do so. It can be constructive as well as destructive. In a generic way, we will end up with the massive number of links and will make our life fascinating and the happiest one day...
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    My Journal
    Always welcome dude...
    I WILL come up with more ...
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    My Journal
    I was searching for some very good ways or Methods to Start a conversation .
    And based on my researches and studies, I think now I can suggest you some ways to start your conversation with a stranger. Stranger is like an opportunity for you. Stranger is like a book with endless pages. I should say a book with endless chapters. And Believe me every book is filled with endless emotions.
    So Here I am with 10 Methods to start a conversation with anyone...
    1. Skip small talk, Ask personal question
    Like where do you come from?
    Tell about yourself.
    2. Go for ME TOOs, Create connections
    Find something common between you and Stranger, It can be anything like place, Goal...
    3. Give Compliments
    Go for unique and Genuine compliments like I love the way you eat as first you do It with your beautiful eyes ..
    4. Share your opinions about your common interest.
    5. Avoid yes/ no Questions
    such Question brings the end of conversation, so Avoid .
    6. Be Present in conversation
    Be a good listener and give active replies.
    7. Be Intrested in the other person.
    8. Be honest and open about your replies.
    9. Respect the privacy of other person.
    Don't share anything about him/her with anyone
    10. Maintain eye contact

    So, with these methods I can guarantee that u ll end up making endless friends and links.
    All these I tested them personally :):););)

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