Physically hard to stop even if the willing is strong !

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here and first of all i want to introduce my self briefly. I'm 25, and for almost two years i've been masturbating once a day. Yes, as i remember i stopped from time to time, but it was never more than one week. I've never felt guilty till i started realizing this past 6 mounths that i'm addicted to masturbation and also to porn movies, but when i did, things started to get worse since i couldn't stop and i started feeling stress and panic cause of that. Actually, there are some problems that occurs due to my overmasturbation such as the loss of the morning erection and which becomes weaker. I easly understood that it's due to "overusing" my p*nis and the stimilus that comes from porn, which is all normal. I met a doctor (general) who told me that it's normal to masturbate by with moderation. But anyway, now that i decided to stop it for good, i felt pain in my testicles after three days and it's not the first time that it happens to me. Have you guys ever experinced that ? and what should i do, since everything goes away after masturbating (so it's mandatory now) ? reduce frequency ? what... ?

    Thanks guys for your help !
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  2. Hey @anamia1 ,

    I'm nobody special on here. Just a regular user saying, "welcome".

    There is so much support on this forum, the profiles and the various groups. It works if you work it. I don't offer advise. I offer only my ESH (experience, strength and hope).

    My ESH is that NoFap is about action and that meant work for me. It is not about "not doing something", for me, it is about working my program.

    Work it? Oh yeah. There's work to be done, that's what's worked for me. Two things I've found necessary.

    1. I had to Learn the NoFap Program.

    2. Getting involved with the community on here was vital to help my recovery.

    Learn the NoFap Program
    The resources listed on the "New Users: List of Rebooting Resources" helped me find my way around the reasons behind the program and the terms used.

    They are:

    You can find this same list on the top of the forum you posted this message on at - the "New to NoFap" forum.

    Get Involved with the Community
    The community has been my lifeline. I've found journals I love, people who are very supportive and a place where I could get to work helping in a small way others.

    Remember, I'm just a normal user with no magic powers. But, I can:

    • Read Journals, and comment when I have ESH
    • Find people I admire and stay in touch via their profiles
    • Pick a forum and make sure every post gets and answer. I can't answer them all, but that's good - different opinions make for a better group.
    • Post in my journal (I could be better at it - but I do milestone posts at least) To make a journal go to the section listed by age and start one. Keep all your journal posts in one thread. But, for random thoughts, you can create a new thread.
    Looking forward to seeing you around on the forums,

    * L

    PS - Think of pmo like a wolf. Stay near the center of the group with the winners and the wolf has a more difficult time finding you. But, stray near the edges of the community and the wolf can pick you off.
  3. For me NoFap is 1/2 program & 1/2 fellowship.

    Click on these people and post a "hello" on their profiles.

    I've found that the bricks that hold this community together are cemented with the support of the members of the fellowship.

    @C. J.

    Look at with whom they exchange messages and you will find more profiles.

    So, if you would have found more profiles yourself, why suggest these particular ones as a start? Those relationships started with just saying hello. So, my ESH is that saying hello has kept the fellowship alive for myself.

    Looking forward to your success and in seeing you say hello on these profiles,

    * L

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