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  1. Let me share with the nofap bros:

    Today I was at the gym and I used a pickup line. She was in the yoga pants and midriff. She was on other machines then she came next to me to work out. I was watching the fifa women’s game.

    I figured she totally thought I was staring at her.
    so I said: I can’t see the game with you in the way; but seeing you is a nice problem to have. She laughed.
    We talked about 5 min and the other dudes were just breathing heavy in jealousy. Lol.

    One more :

    There’s another chick who is also really fit and usually wears headphones.

    I went straight up to her and thanked her for working out that day. I told her “I feel so much better working out when you are here, I think you motivate me somehow— it’s good!”

    Also—-I never ask for a number on the first contact. Too needy. In my case I just like knowing I could.
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    Good that you came up with funny lines and must importantly you APPROACHED them.

    Keep it going ;)
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  3. I learned some things from dating and number one thing I always say is it doesn't matter what you say if you approach them that shows enough confidence and also have fun with it
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    That's it.

    It really doesn't matter and most girls are so nervous when you approach them that they don't even remember what you said in the first place.

    I have come up with girls that not even look at me because they are very nervous.
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  5. Another thing is being direct don't wait for here to ask you set up the date just say hey lets meet up Thursday at 7pm at ( whatever place) , go to a place were you can both talk without loud music cafes mall lounges are a good place its public plus you can talk don't worry about being smooth or having the most interesting life if she is with you there is already interest in you or she wouldn't have taken time to meet you . Bottom line don't overthink it have fun with it
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    haahahah its true! When i approached my ex-gf said something like: We were in the same class of calc, right? Can I have your number?" She just laughed like silly and gave me her ´phone number.
    When i ask if she remember what i've said...:"No, i was nervous and not believing"
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    So much I don't know... I'm convinced I've brainwashed myself into thinking just about all girls are more confident than the average guy.

    Lately in a flatline and not caring so much I am holding eye contact with girls just for fun... and most look down and smile (wtf?) whereas usually I would look away as soon as eye contact started lol.
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    That is honestly good stuff man, you're doing what absolute majority want to do but can't!

    If I could pick one thing... Would you genuinely want to ask one of them out? Or are you happy just to chat and work on your other goals for now?

    Only reason is I don't think asking for a number in the first conversation is needy at all. That's just showing your honest intentions (you think she's cute and want to see her again). I mean, if you would like to ask them out sounds like you're 95% there :)
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  10. The best version of me was flatline me, because I was entirely outcome-independent with no neediness or awkwardness. Started treating the hottest girls like anyone else and just had fun fooling around. I didn't need any pickup lines, because everything I invented ad-hoc just worked. Got the balance between boldness and caring just right - with weapon-grade confidence.

    All that wore off quite a bit, when my sex drive came back. Transmutation is real...
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    That's very interesting...

    So when your sex drive was back, was it seemingly too difficult all of a sudden? Or was it a case of similar abilities with a bit more emotional investment or nerves along the way?
  12. The abilities are still there, but it became more difficult to use them.
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    I see man, that's good though and a reason to keep pushing on :)
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    (In 99.9% of cases at least). :)
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  16. ItsInTheBag

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    This x2.

    If she likes you, she will laugh at your corny/cringy jokes. It's not (that much) what you say.

    Heck, she may approach you.
  17. Haha are you saying I friendzoned her first ?

    That’s awesome. I didn’t think of it like that. I saw her the other day and couldn’t get her name out of my mouth fast enough. I want to say ... an esteem boost is the best drug I have ever had.
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    Nope...was saying she'd be friend-zoning you.But there are exceptions!

    - if you're really good looking (and she digs you), it was an amazing compliment;
    - if not -> most likely, you were considered creepy, and what you said was translated as "needy". :)

    My take on it.
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  19. I’m confused. I’m the one who said “I like working out when you are here—it makes me work out harder.”

    But yes. I’m very attractive , I have grown women hitting on me all the time. You can read my journal to see what I mean. getting numbers is not a struggle I have ever had. But facing my own demons certainly is.
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