PIED or overthinking?

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    So just a quick background story about me. As a kid always love girls blah blah never like guys blah blah. Then i got into porn at the age of 10 started on tv at night never jacked off but later on at the age of 12 i think is were my addiction began. Blah blah escalation into different types of porn Milf>granny>black>anal>ETC. Then one day i was in a group chat with my friends and they were sending gay shit, before my hocd kicked in Gay shit to me was hilarious or disgusting. Them my mom saw it and asked if i was gay yelling at me etc. i of was fucking pissed that she would think i would be gay when i am legit in love with girls. Like before HOCD i could get hard by just thinking about girls or my teachers like having sex with them easy. And i got rock hard erections. After my dumb ass overthinking self ask the question am i gay is were everything went downhill. Never had experience hell like this before. all the checking worrying anxiety,etc all the HOCD signs. Erections were hard to keep and i just felt like i lost the me i was happy with. Also i am 16 and this happen atleast 11 months ago. Present time my hocd has gotten a lot better and it looks like things will change for the better. But moving on to my problem,So when i am with my gf in person i get hard out of nowhere and i think it was basically rock hard cause it's been 2 months since she gave me head. but then when i am at home trying to get hard like i used too it just won't get up. like my dick is hard i guess but it still bends and i miss the day were it would shoot up like a rocket and wouldn't bend at all. So and i was hit with heart break before i got with her cause my last gf and fell back into my porn habits. i did one week straight without watching porn that maybe that will help me a little but that didn't help and i fell back into my porn habits. So am i just overthinking about me getting hard which is causing my problem or do i have some signs of PIED? I think i have been pmo for like 4 years can't really remember when i started. I remember a time were am i gay came up from somewhere else and i brush it off cause i knew i wasn't and it was fine idk if it is because it came from my own mom that made me overthink or what.

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