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    Before we start I would like to WARN this post may have triggers and I don't mean any offence if I have used terms that are too descriptive.

    Hey, is there anyone on here who can tell me their experience of PIED? Over the last few months I have been experiencing it, where I can just about get it up with a girl, but it never lasts long enough to have sex.

    Absolutely terrifying, and obviously a mood killer. We have literally got to the point were I pleasure her, get head (I can keep it up a little longer there) and that's it, haven't actually come in ages.

    Of course, I am basically terrified atm. I still get morning erections and am still trying very hard to stop PMO but there is always that little voice which worries and wants to make sure things are still kind of working and you end up relapsing.

    I appreciate any help or experience anyone has on this topic.

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