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    I will be turning 19 this year and I am having erection problems . I am having very soft erection from the last to days .I am scared to my veins my penis is like 1-1.3 inch shorter than it used to be .I have been an addict from 3 years+.I masturbate almost thrice on libido is on rock bottom . My ejaculate is like freezed semen . Please tell me what should I do I restricted PMO to once a day but soft erections are Killing me
    Any thoughts would be appreciated
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    You need to stay calm and not blow this up entirely. I can understand you’re a bit confused about what’s going on. Good for you that you are addressing your habits and sexual life style. You will figure this out! With time. But taking this too seriously will only make it worse. Don’t be hard on yourself. We are talking about one inch of you, the rest is probably all right.

    Good luck to you!
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