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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by TheFlash123, Jan 18, 2018.

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    I hope everyone is having good day. I rack up 32 days challenge recently. It was my second highest streak. The highest streak was 33 days. My track record is kind of funny. Nevertheless, I would like to start from the beginning.

    I was not heavy P user, But still I was kind of disgusted with that. When I was 15, I encountered with P. I started with some Non nude picture of girl, then I got Fast internet and I started watching videos. It was not daily, but still it ripped me to somewhat. My grades were declined a lot. Then, I realize my self to do something for that. At the age of 17, I started to make calendar for Fap. I marked every day when I would Fap or P. So, In this way I was able to lessen the usage of P. So, I was almost free from P for about 2 years. About M, I was kind of doing it occasionally like on weekends, holiday or randomly. Though it was not habit, but I was not having good life with M.

    After 18, I again got addicted to P. This time it was not frequent, but I was punishing myself. I had a lot of brain fog then. I was watching P pics once a week. I was feeling very awkward.

    In September, I watched Gary's Video on YouTube. From that, I got to know about NoFAP and YBOP. So, I plunged into that and started reading stories of people. Since then, I have made good progress.

    At first I was very excited and Nailed 18 days in first streak itself. Then, I was able to record 33 days of No PMO. But In November I was heavily trapped in 7 days cycle.

    Fortunately, I rejuvenate myself and back to track.

    In this 32 day streak , I got very good jump in academics. I was able to go from C to A- very easily. Moreover, I am very confident and persistent in doing almost everything.

    I'm thinking to mark off 90 Days.
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    Hey buddy, I am jealous and at the same time happy for you that you manage to stop PMO for more than 30 days. I wonder how it feels like because my record was only 25. All the best!
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  3. Congratulation keep going
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    You can do it !!!
    Just go day by day and you'll be amazed by your progress.
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    Thank you
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    That is really big improvement from c to A. I wish I started earlier at your age. Now is my time to change!
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    Congratulation keep it up man
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    Feeling happy for you. My case also correlates with u. Thanks for sharing ur experience.
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