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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Karimtolstoi, Apr 9, 2018.

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    Hello dear community,
    I found this video which I want to share with you. Do you think really he is right?

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    I think he is absolutely correct, it seems that most people I talk to on here use PMO to self-medicate a problem, ie PMO is the symptom, not the cause. I can also personally relate, I became addicted to PMO because it would stop me from feeling negativity for a short while, its only in the last year or so that I fully became aware of how unfulfilling and unsatisfying my life was, and that I was using PMO to block out the deep melancholia I felt. I truly believe that to succeed in crushing the addiction we must look inside ourselves and be honest, I'm still struggling with that to this day.
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    I agree with him 100%. I heard this a few weeks ago and literally just paused to think about it.

    Since I was 18....PMO became a remedy for my low self-esteem. I always feared rejection and not being manly enough for a female. I would find myself watching and fapping to P everytime I felt rejected or wanted a girl but couldn't get the nerves to ask her for her number. By the time I was 26 I realized I was alone and was socially awkward especially around females.

    Now that Ive been battling pmo for the last year and half...Ive noticed pmo was only a fear of rejection. From now on I try to talk to every girl I can. Even when I get rejected I tell myself it's better than sitting alone in front of screen.
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