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  1. -- Hi Everyone --

    I like to visualize and track my progress and goals, so I use this whiteboard to write down a positive habit I try to do every day. Each tally represents a day (they mirror each other, so you can track what you did on each day). The colored tallies mean that habit was accomplished for that day. The black tallies mean that habit was NOT accomplished for that day.

    2 hours of reading: Reading is a great habit to have for anyone, and I helps me stay focused on knowledge and self-improvement

    1 hour of fitness: This one is the most important in my opinion. 1 hour of physical activity daily is so crucial, and it doesn't necessarily have to be in the gym! (although I personally recommend it)

    15 minutes of meditation: Meditation is a subjective experience; there are no "bad" sessions of meditation. Engaging in a state of relaxation and mindfulness can help regulate your emotions and physiological state. Can be combined with urge surfing

    5 minutes each of journals: To this, I am specifically referring to the journals sold by the company "Habit Nest". They have been FANTASTIC. They have multiple types that focus on different things, like mastering your mornings or being grateful for your life. I highly suggest you check it out

    1 - 2 hours of studying: This refers to college reading and coursework. A good goal to put down on paper if you struggle with studying

    30 minutes of outdoors: I love the outdoors, so I usually exceed this. Getting out in nature and experiencing the Sun and the Earth is a great way to not just battle urges and suggest recovery, but to live!

    ≈ Temperance: This once I made specifically for addictive behavior, such as PMO. I used the mathematical symbol for approximation, because it is just that: an approximation. You know when you are being bad or too much of a negative, so it is there to not just record, but to encourage moderation. Obviously with NoFap, we practice abstinence, not moderation (usually, but your goals may be different), so it can include things like video games, TV watching, binge eating, Internet surfing, etc. Basically it means did you moderate the less than positive things in your life today so you could focus more on the things you know are good for you.

    ∞ Consistency: I earn a consistency if I did EVERYTHING on the board for today. This reinforces the notion that doing all of these things grants an additional reward, and that is the feeling of pride and accomplishment.

    I'm sure much of you already incorporate some of these things into your life already, so you know just how awesome that they can be for you. Just wanted to share mine with you and see what you think.

    Hopefully this helps anyone who reads.


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    Love your board!
    Keep up the good work! :)
  3. What about hobbies?

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