problems with the first 7 days and fear of meeting new women

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Loko24, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. Loko24

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    hello fighters, i have to put everything into the translator and hope you understand that anyway

    To me:
    25 years old
    PIED for 4 years

    I've had good nofap streaks in the last few years. but whenever i think it gets better i go back to porn. at the beginning of the year i had a couple of dates with a nice girl but failed because i was in flatline. I haven't told her about my problem. should I have told her about it? I ask myself that. How do you deal with women? I'm afraid of getting to know new women because I have the problem (PIED) and have little experience with women.

    besides, i keep failing after almost a week. maybe someone has a few tips to survive the first 7 days.?

    so far this has helped me

    - no instagram
    - no facebook
    - Sports
    - little caffeine
    - little alcohol
    - pornblocker

    Unfortunately, I then watched porn on the television. but I want to fix that by reading books.

    everything is a bit mixed up but maybe you can do something with it

    good succeed :)
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  2. RavenGT

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    U should update your day counter

    I take this chit very serious

    (ded fkn srs)
  3. Aram124

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    Keep command you will be able to talk to women
  4. Abel100%

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    Si ya logras una semana sin PMO, pues esfuérzate 7 días más .... en los 14 al 21 se dice que los resultados se experimentan ...yo busco eso ...ánimo
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    It's great that you are giving up so many things to change for the better, including porn. But ask yourself: What am I replacing it with? You can't just cut out things in your life without replacing them with something else. This will help you through the first 7 days, find new things to do in the time you previously indulge in your addiction. Only then will it work. And stay around people, a lot, its impossible to relapse in a room with other people even if both of you are doing something else.

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