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    I often have used masturbation to procrastinate in the past. Now instead I post on this website to procrastinate...

    In the past masturbation would be a really good study break. I am studying all day every day for the MCAT which is the test you need to pass in order to get into med school. While studying for this I would often masturbate to alleviate some of the stress that comes with preparation for this colossal exam. It is always very tempting.

    Any ideas of how to deal with procrasturbation?
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    I would say work on making SMART goals (it’s an acronym you can lookup), and stick to them. Make yourself deadlines you know you can reach. And once you complete that studying, reward yourself with a healthy break (something you won’t binge on, maybe one tv show, a 30 minute walk, a food you enjoy).
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  3. Hey mate!

    I had the same problem you have. I also got very stressed and angry during my study and used to let off steam with masturbation. It is good that you are aware why you masturbate. You need not an orgasm, but break. So have one! I break my study time into 1.5 hour long session, after each session I have a short break about 15 minutes long. After every third session I have a longer break. This works for me very well, but you may want to experiment a little bit to find a perfect timing that works for you. Some people use pomodoro technique, it can work for you.

    Just remember that everytime you want to masturbate what you really need is a break.
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  4. What a brilliant term! Lol I've done that so many times, too.

    One day, I was in a situstion that's usually particularly tempting for me, and I was going to give in because I felt anxious, and then I just stopped myself and asked "why do you feel anxious right now?" Shockingly, I think it's the first time I've ever asked myself that, directly, but I do it all the time now. Anyway, at that time I realized I was feeling anxious about my best friends bridal shower coming up, because I hadn't planned anything yet, and I realized that masturbating wouldn't help that situation at all. What WOULD help, is taking at least one step toward planning the party. So that's what I did instead.

    I ask myself that a lot, now. "Why are you so anxious right now?" And a lot of the time, once I find the answer, I realize it's just dumb and I shouldn't be anxious about that, or that there's something productive I can do to fix that, rather than masking it with the drug of an orgasm.

    Idk if that entirely relates to what you're talking about, because it's not necessarily about procrastination, but that's what it made me think of.
  5. Shadno

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    Hey Marty, examine is temporary stress, just remember it. I am studying in medical university, so I know how its stressful) and wish you good luck.
    p.s. English isn't my native language, so there may be some mistakes.
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    Yeah this is probably the biggest trigger for me. Espscially when I start to panic about failing, my reaction is to masturbate my troubles away, reset and come back to it...

    My solution is to try and study elsewhere, either go to my parents or the university library. Not the best and more of a way of avoiding the problem than solving it.

    I guess the real solution is learning to be disciplined, which is a lot harder...
  7. Dake1963

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    I totally relate to using masturbation in this way. If it is just to get rid of the stress from study, I find the stress is often being immobile for, say, two hours, just sitting and typing or reading or whatever. Must better just to have a 5 min walk. And get away from looking at a screen.
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  8. DeProfundis

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    Totally relate. I don't know how i managed to find time to squeeze in the time to masterbate when I should be finishing my paper.

    Anyway you need to find other ways of relieving stress. MCAT is just the beginning. It's gonna get a hell lot worse when you get into Medical School. So better deal with it now otherwise it's gonna come back with a vengeance later.

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