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    I'm on day 25 of hard mode. It's not been easy but I feel it was necessary, certainly. I've been able to control the urge to PMO, but what I'm concerned with is that I still get involuntary mental images of things I've seen or fantasized about. While I'm trying not to dwell on the thoughts or masturbating to them, I feel like the same part of my brain that is stimulated by porn is being activated during the thoughts/mental images. I feel like I'm doing everything I can, in that I've been making the correct choices as far as abstaining, but this makes it feel like my brain is still holding on to it's old routine despite almost a month without porn/masturbation. Anybody dealt with similar issues or have any advice? Does it just get better the longer you go?
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    Just give yourself a solid reason not to watch the P no matter what. For me, P is profanity and it does mock religion and God (the creator) e.g p stars doing sexual rituals and using church or the Holy cross for porn and profane things. It is spiritually offensive

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