Question on urges vs arousal.

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    Hey guys

    This is embarrassing to ask, but I'm curious. I've been a non-profit addict since 12, and had a question about so called "powers" . Ive never really been attracted to women( im not gay), I check them out sometimes, but I've never really cared much for them. I'm my third streak now, and on the last one I had a flatline immediately, I worked out,took cold showers, studied, and did proactive things. Day eighty -six, the flatline ended. I was feeling amazing and disconcerted when I left the house and was paying attention to women. I was having thoughts that were definitely not mine, (I've never really thought of women sexually, just noticed them). Is this normal? Too much testosterone that will dip again? The initial experience after the flatline that fades? I'm on day 23 of my third streak, and wanted to know what its like coming out of a flatline, i was very overwhelmed. If your experience is similar to mine, how do you handle it?
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