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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by John Silva, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. John Silva

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    I’ve heard many people say girls or guys if your bi or gay care about dick size and if it’s small won’t want sex. Is this really true though, when people have sex isn’t it really about the attraction and connection isn’t it so why would size matter?
  2. Reverent

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    Different strokes for different folks.

    Same can be said about breast size.

    Who cares.
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  3. DainTrinity

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    TBH, I have found women prefer it to be normal sized or smaller ... Inevitably it doesn't really matter. The best sex involve passion and a build up of a relationship.
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  4. Depends on the person and what kind of a relationship you have. If you're trying to hook up with some girl for one night, then yeah, she's probably going to care about size and not give a crap about "connection." But if you're looking for a wife or something, size shouldn't be too important. However, it is a relevant thing to care about if you're super super small or super super large, much more relevant than men caring about breast size. Big boobs are aesthetically pleasing, but a big penis is actually more effective at providing sexual pleasure. Whereas a very small one might not provide much pleasure at all, depending on the woman. So I would say, it's certainly not the most important thing, but it's also not completely ridiculous or shallow for a girl to care about that to some degree.
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  5. Hows that rhyme go again? It's not about the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean. IDK though because I have zero experience.
  6. John Silva

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    Lol that’s a funny rhyme
  7. The Wrestler

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    Yes, it is about the attraction so no it doesn't matter. There are a variety of different workarounds and things you can do beyond penis in vagina that...that feel really good and are part of a healthy sexuality.
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  8. John Silva

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    Thanks for your response
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  9. John Silva

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    I have no idea why my question was moved to dating during a reboot but anyways
  10. elevate

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    Foreplay, creating tension, passion, and connection.

    Use your words, fingers, and mouth.

    A guy more often than not, doesn't last long enough towards a female orgasm.

    So think beyond your penis and your own self satisfaction or insecurities.
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