Questions about semen retention.

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    So lately I noticed that semen retention is a pretty big deal to a lot of people on this forum and I was curious if someone could give an objective rundown about semen retention and if it is mainly anecdotal or is there truly scientificaly proven research behind semen retention that makes it beneficial. Also if anyone knows really good resources for studying the subject I would appreciate it if you helped find the resources.
  2. There are differing views on this, but i would suggest listening to what your body says.

    How do you feel after PMO? Full of beans or somewhat depleted and lacking any interest in the P or Person you were just very much into!

    If you are like most of us and feel the latter, its what the French have long called "Le Petite Mort" The Little Death.

    One sperm cell has the ability to create half a human being. The energy and expenditure into creating semen is thus huge, and on a pro-rata basis half a litre of semen is much more potent (and sapping to make) than the equivalent in blood.

    Many world cultures have given a nod to this and at the forefront Taoist China where there is a lot of information about the loss of Jing Energy and the effects its has on us.

    But its not all bad news, and contrary to popular belief total semen retention is not ideal either (although it much better than daily PMO!)

    The holy grail of all of this, is to be able to have non-ejaculatory orgasms and recycle the energy internally through meditative breathing.

    Sounds impossible? Its seemingly very achievable. Try this book for an overview.
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  3. it is half spiritual and half scientific. Just do it, it will bring the benefits.
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    For semen retention, your instrument of measure is your body : test it at least a few weeks and see (no PMO).
    You must know from a scientific (western) point of view sperm creation is what our body give the most energy to... So it's not that amazing that by retaining we get more energy ;)
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    Be careful who you ask this question, some people here take the benefits too far. Just try it for yourself, if you feel better then good for you, if you feel the same (like me) then you lost nothing.

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