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    At some point along the way, every time we relapse, we give ourselves some kind of rationalization. i find myself rationalizing a relapse almost every time i have an urge and have to shoot it down with facts and evidence. Even if it is the same one over and over. So lets make a list of some if the rationalizations we have and counterarguments to them.

    1. "I'm not going to get a girlfriend anyway so i don't have anything to lose": Even if I can't get a girlfriend, which i'm still not sure of, i still have many other things to fight for which porn can take away. It takes away my energy, keeps me from meeting my goals because of lack of motivation and makes me lazy.

    2. "I don't really need the energy anyway" : We always need energy. Always. For everything.

    3. "Perhaps it will actually make me feel better since i will have sexual release" : This is always wrong. Never ever have I ever felt better after watching porn. Never have a looked back and thought "wow im glad i watched porn today".

    4. "I'm not happy right now anyway, so i might as well be unhappy and watch porn anyway" : If i am unhappy, porn will make way worse. it will always make everything worse. It will suck my energy away that i could use to solve my problems and if my problems are unsolvable, I would create a bad coping mechanism to deal with those problems. Porn should never be an escape from my problems.

    5. "Maybe porn isn't even so bad. After all, sex is natural" : Sex is natural. Watching other people have sex to masturbate is not natural. It is not natural at all and destroys the part of the brain that makes sex natural. It hijacks your dopamine receptors and twists your ideas of natural pleasure, replacing it with porn instead.

    6. "I can start not watching porn tomorrow" : Really? Come on man.

    Comment with any rationalizations that you tell yourself when having an urge and what you say to put them to rest.
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    Great thread. Nothing to add but 3 and 4 are my “go to” excuses.
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    I've said every one of those rationalizations to myself before relapses, a couple of them more than once and damn I've always end up feeling like shit after PMOing... great examples man!

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