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    Hi everyone :) sry for my weak lvl of english i hope that u will understand me.
    I am here to share my experience and to show that with motivation everything is possible.
    I started fapping at 12 ( i was sat on the back of a chair when suddenly...).
    So from 12 to 15 yo was fapping without porn.Then at 16 i discovered this stupid trashy thing. Last year after some problems with my studies (i took the wrong way) was the worst year of my life : i was 18 and doing nothing, living alone fapping playing to vgames. Was more and more tired my lufe life was from my chair to my bed and from my bed to my chair. I fapped like 2 or 3 times a day with 2 or 3 days break sometimes.

    And at the end of the year I saw a video about the death of a billionaire man (he had cancer rip)and he said that when u know that u are gonna die this life isn't important anymore and he gave all he had to charity. I just opened my eyes there telling to me : do u want to die like this (fapping like a tard), like something even worse than an animal? Yooyoyo wake up u are gonna die one day. And i just remembered God thinking : he gave u 2 hands sight a clean body etc a perfect health and u are doing shit like this with these gifts? I just said stop stop stop and i came back to islam thx God.And i repented and God is The Compassionate, the Merciful and He forgives to everyone if u are sincere to him in ur repentance.

    After this i just tried something from my own : was a water fasting. I was around 63kg and i fasted 7 days only drinking water. And when u are really hungry u realise how weak u are and what is important in life. I felt so weak (not my body i wd have stop :p) but as a human. When u dont have food u realise ur true power u stop feeling invicible arrogant etc and about women i was just looking at em thinking : i became mad for this ? When u really lack something u realise how stupid are ur other desires.

    So am not dead i did it and now am back to Islam and if u are a muslim its forbidden to fap. I failed once after 2 weeks and another time 2 weeks later but it only made me stonger in my faith thx to God. But 2 times are enough and i decided to really stop from now.

    So i am at 2 weeks actually and one wet dream (But i think that wet dreams are normals cuz ur body was used to overproduce sperma and if u stop fapping it needs to evacuate it)
    Also i have just a little bit of sperma sometimes after peeing 3 or 4 drops but no pleasure. And i hope that it will stop one day...But if it remains me my past its not so bad, like a scar. Now am really motivated not to fap for the whole year and i will do it if God Wants it.

    If ur motivation is God u will only succed ( if He Wants ofc) and if u arent religious u need a goal a clear goal to succed or it will be really difficult cuz ur brains thinks that its good for u.
    If i had one main tip to give to succeed it wd be: be carefull with ur sight its the beginning of all the pains trust me.

    “(O’ Prophet!) Say to the believing men that they cast down their looks and guard their private parts - that is purer for them; surely Allah is aware of what they do. And say to the believing women that they cast down their looks…”

    Al-Qur’an · Surah al-Nur · Ayat 30-31

    So hood luck mates I hope that u will succed and get out of this addiction.
    Peace :)
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  2. Welcome here! We need each other here, to encourage each other. I wish you all the best on your journey to health! :)
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