Reboot leads to infidelity...

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by _Banksy_, Jul 13, 2020.

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    Okay NoFap, I need some help here. 34yo, male, married.

    My reboot has been going amazing. Like super amazing! But, has come with an unexpected side affect.

    Before starting, I was extremely disinterested in sex with my wife. I was relying on prescription drugs to keep it up. The sex was very poor and extremely infrequent.

    I can’t say for sure if a poor sex life led to increased porn consumption or if increased porn consumption had led to a poor sex life.

    I was extremely surprised with how drastically my experience with women would change from starting NoFap.

    The trouble was that, I’ve been so insanely horny. I started messaging women online and struck up relationships with multiple sexy interested parties (even though I’m married).

    In about week 3, I cheated on my wife with 2x different women. Btw, my erections during intercourse were amazing without any pharmaceutical assistance.

    I’ve talked to my wife about Nofap. She has been very supportive and has made a point to slightly increase the consistency of our sex life. But, I’m not satisfied with the sex and it isn’t consistent enough to subside my arousal.

    The superpowers are real... but, with great power comes great responsibility.

    I’m feeling like I’ve traded one bad habit for an even worst one...

    I’ve only been on NoFap for about 6 weeks now and feel like I could easily stop fapping indefinitely. But, I’m not certain that I can otherwise control my sexual urges. I can feel my hormones raging.

    I’m strongly considering going back to fapping as the better alternative.
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    I don't think it's not such a bad idea to transition from using porn and fapping into just fapping to reduce the sexual energy.

    Not a lot of people might agree though but that's totally up to you.

    The cheating part however might become another kind of release or outlet for you since it could lead to you losing interest in your wife overall. I hope you find the strength to cut ties with those temporary relationships you've formed.
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    Cheating on your wife is very bad man, it leads to all kind of problems like divorce and marital issues. Even when you don't think so, a lot of men who cheat on their wives will do it again and again until they eventually are caught. My advice is to stop doing that, or get a divorce. Other than that I think NoFap is probably releasing a lot of the sexual energy you have built up inside. Its a very good thing, and you should probably try to get your wife to be more supportive than that. Im glad that it is working for you, and I suggest to keep on doing NoFap because it is good for your sexual health. Also being 34 and beating off to video that a 14 year old is probably also doing is kinda lame, dont you think?
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    For me nofap makes you do what you really wanted. you weren't satisfied with your wife and nofap gave you the balls to go out and find girls that did. Going back to fapping is the worst you can do, is a way to settle for mediocrity.

    Cheating on your wife was bad dude, that marriage is already over and if you care about her you should divorce her and let her find a man that really appreciate her and you can also go out an look for a girl that really satisfy you in every aspect.
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