Relapsed after a month (29 days to be exact)

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    So here I am having relapsed after almost a month. Why did I do it? Why does anyone relapse? Because the brain plays tricks on you. I edged and edged until I reached the point of no return.

    But I am proud to say that I relapsed without P. I was tempted but eventually did not do it.

    But here are some things that I learned so far:

    1)Your brain is actually being rebooted slowly. Whatever stuff you liked before are disregarded as "junk". What is left is what you truly want in your life.
    Let me explain and I'll try to do it without having too many triggering content. Before that streak I always wanted to try different things (eating different things and I'm not talking about chocolate cake. But hey no offence to people who love chocolate cakes. I love them too, that's why I can't lose any weight lol), testing different feel on items (and I'm not talking about pilows. But hey no offence to those who put their head on a pillow to test it, as long as you showered earlier!) and so on. But after that, I realized that I do not want to try these things.

    Now if you like certain things before the reboot and you still like them after, then that's no shame. As long as you have a healthy habit with these things, enjoy them before and after!

    2)You actually are starting to function down there. I used to have a hard time getting hard and staying hard but after a month, getting hard was easier. Plus I experienced a little bit of morning wood

    3)You feel the need to go out insted of sitting home all day. Take it from me for example. I am not good at talking to people (unless they come to me and initiate a conversation) but it got a little bit easier. I think that I'll always be a somewhat introvert guy but that is fine by me. What I do not want is to actually hide in my house all day and do nothing and that is where NoFap came along and helped with that. I still want to stay at home certain days and not talk to anyone but if it happens once in a blue moon then it is fine.

    These are the things that I did notice. I think that I will be able to keep it up for a longer period of time this time. Of course if I do end up getting the job that's away from my home then it will make things easier but that is a whole different story.

    Oh and one last thing. As you noticed the text in bold is not the trigger content. I made that on purpose so someone reading it can find it smart or funny (leaning on the second one first).

    Take care everyone and stay strong
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