Religion is Bs

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  1. The title of this thread is not meant to offend anyone, I am quoting the late George Carlin on one of his stand up comedies.

    Through this comedy sketch, back when I was a Christian, I had my first doubt ever in God, and it inspired me to search for answers.

    Films, comedy sketches, even tv shows spoke against religion, things I never knew existed before, because I never bothered to listen to an opposition.

    In the end, after seeing so many debates between believers and none believers, countless documentaries, independent research, I was convinced that religion is indeed blinding, and its bs.

    If you have faith I ask you this...

    When will you open your ears to ideas that oppose your beliefs, have you even tried?

    I highly doubt it.
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  2. How do we know for sure though what it is and what it sin't? If you gonna keep open mind to ideas that oppose your beliefs then you must also keep open mind to idea that religions might be true. You can't just open your mind for a while to throw one garbage out and accept next junk food in, then close it again. Well, you can, but that would not be very wise to do. Because in the end of a day not believing that something exists is the same as believing that something does not exist. So it's just another belief system. Only way how to be truly rational about this is to realize that we can never know the truth unless we have proof, therefore not making any conclusive judgements in favor of either direction; agnosticism.
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  3. You keep telling everyone else here how blind they are, and you keep insulting people cause of their beliefs calling it fairy tales and fiction now making a thread called "Religion is BS" saying its not to offend while you actually go out your way to try to offend people, you use your arguments as facts while not listening to the arguments that religious people have, so by your own logic you are doing the same as in your question, which makes you a hypocrite, which is ok cause we all can be hypocritical at times its what makes us human, I look at myself every day cause I want to become the best person I can be, I love science and science fiction my religion does not hinder my progress as a human being.

    You are coming off as the cliche atheist on hes high horse, lighten up. If all you want to do is argue then maybe you should take a time and listen to yourself and look yourself in the mirror ones in a while.
  4. Runtilmylegsdropoff

    Runtilmylegsdropoff Fapstronaut

    I dont have enough faith to be an atheist.
  5. I don't think insulting religion or their people is a good way to go about it, it sure makes Atheists like me look bad... The title alone is sure to stir up crap again.

    And once again these types of threads never go anywhere except just pure arguments. There's no need to prove or disprove anything.
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  6. When I watched debates between believers and none believers I listen to both arguments. So far Ive seen that believers have little to nothing to say when arguments are thrown against them, and use very often logical fallacies.

  7. I never insult individuals, I just point out I think their beliefs are false.

    You choose to be offended, Im not trying to offend you.

  8. If ppl tell me they think Atheism is stupid I ask them why they think that, I don't get offended by it.
  9. Yeah, you're entitled to your own opinion. Except when you use religion is bs as a title and then go on to say again that it's just bs in general, that is insulting and throws your entire thing out the window.

    You're just inviting an argument with a statement like that, and it's unnecessary.
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  10. No you don't say that you believe or think they are false, you say they are fairy tales and fiction you go out your way to insult people, and when an real argument is placed you ignore it like it was not posted.

    "If you immediately know the candle light is fire, then the meal was cooked a long time ago."
  11. Buzz Lightyear

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    Ah, but there is a closet belief at play here - that of the belief in reason.

    Why not flip this on its head and have reasonable beliefs. That way, you recognize the limits of reason, whilst allowing further for reasonable and coherent beliefs.
  12. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    A more pertinent question would be why does @latinboypr NOT believe in God?
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  13. BS how? Can you explain yourself with an argument as apposed to youtube videos. Telling us how your research consisted comedians, youtube and TV doesn't make you sound very enlightend.
  14. "Belief in reason" is an oxymoron. Reason means to be logical and rational. It's based either on having a proof of something orr a chance of something to be highly likely true based on logic and knowledge of how similar things work. In first case it's just objective facts and in second case it could be called "reasonable belief". Kinda like dark matter theory. It is a belief. But at the same time it is reasonable to assume that something is there even if we can't detect it because of the gravity and what we know about current universe. It's different than just believing something without any objective reason backing it up. Which is what belief is; something to be assumed as a fact without any objective data backing it up.

  15. That is if you think religion is above citicism and above ridicule.

    Which I believe it isnt
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  17. I am not convinced that ancient fables writen in books, and "personal experiene" counts as evidence for the existence of a deity.
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  18. There's a difference between criticising something, and being a twat. What sort of outcome do you expect out of this thread with the message you're sending?
  19. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    What personal experience?

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