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    Hi all,

    I've been screwing around on this site for a month, but after a relapse last night, I decided I want to get serious.

    I've decided to pursue a 90-day streak. I discovered last night, as I tried to MO to get to sleep, that I suffered from ED. Aside from the usual social blunders and mistakes, this is my last really bad habit. I've quit booze and smokes, but this thing still needles me. For a long time, my motivation was that I wanted to quit porn for my future romantic partner. No more. I want to quit for me. I'm sober and constantly getting stronger and smarter. I don't want a limp dick to go with it.

    Porn is making me miserable. I feel incontinent every time I relapse. I feel like a lose some energy, and with the discovery of the ED, I see too that it's having actual ramifications on my physical health. What's my part? Giving in. I need to combat the addiction, and I will do so through abstinence and connection on these forums.

    I have two growth areas:
    1) Consistent posting and conversing on these forums. My current idea is read three threads and post one per day, according to my interest.
    2) Maintain a regular sleep schedule. I'm thinking in bed at 9, up at 5. In addition, absolutely no electronics after 7:30 PM.

    God bless,

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    That's the spirit!
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