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    Hands down the single best resource for being married:

    I would recommend their book “ the 7 principles of making marriage work”. You at least have the blog to help educate you on the topics beforehand. It’s all based on measured science behind relationships and what really works and what doesn’t. I kind of see it as the manual for relationships we never knew existed.
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  4. Looks good. You said:
    Implies additional things you liked?
    What are those?
  5. Picked up the 7 principles of making marriage work and the Gott Sex video.
    S/b a nice Christmas card...
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    @Trappist it was more to wet the appetite of the book(s) they have available. Obviously the blog only touches on a little, the books have exercises, as well as more I doeth learnings to build your relationship with and to strengthen it.
    My wife and I initially read it when we were in affair recovery for a ONS I had and disclosed. I really have to say it was the tools for communication in the book that directly contributed to our success after I started PA recovery. Without that I’m certain we would have gone in a different direction.
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  7. Gave my SO; US, some Gottman Institute things that we can work through together.

    The Gott Sex seminar; 7 little videos streamed in is fun.
    Give communication ideas.
    If you were using P for information on how to be sexual,
    I suspect you have enough info for a lifetime.

    How to be in a Realtime relationship is reality virtually.
    So much better and worth the extra effort.

    @NF4L mentioned:
    The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.
    I bought the kit with workbooks and cards with questions.

    And because there was a sale,
    I also got the Art and Science of Love workbooks, videos and cards.
    we spent a couple hours going through it together.

    She liked the mug that came free...

    Pretty cool stuff. Not unexpected,
    but gives us a baseline,
    which we have never done.

    I also read her some postings to SOs that I've posted
    to make sure I'm still on solid ground.

    SAA meeting today,
    be well brothers.
  8. Thanks for this thread, really good idea!
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