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    My goal is to be more in the moment, and connect better with women in intimacy, ideally one woman.

    For those of you who have rewired successfully with a partner while quitting P and M completely:

    1. Were you able to rewire while being intimate (having sex) with one (or more) partner(s) perhaps once or twice every week or two or three on average? (no P or M, just real thing, so no hard mode)

    2. How long did it take for your libido and performance to increase and reach "normal" levels?

    3. Did you use condoms and how much more difficult was it?

    4. Did you use fantasy at first and then slowly ween off and enjoy the experience more and more? (I think as one progresses, one can use fantasy less and less during intimacy, and be in the moment more and more. Have you noticed this? Have you noticed that if you are intimate a second time the same night or next morning etc and haven't had time to recharge that you need fantasy more to perform?

    5. How long did it take for your natural recharge period (natural frequency of intimacy, once a week, etc.) to increase? (P makes your frequency artificially too frequent)

    6. Did you find that one partner was ok, but you had more trouble with a new partner? (maybe you haven't wired to the new partner?)

    7. Were you able to naturally build up "chemistry" with a new partner over time if you were in hard mode and just dating, kissing, holding hands so that you were ready when the first chance for intimacy finally came?

    8. Did you fantasize about being with a partner while not with her, and did that help? (As opposed to not fantasizing about anything, or fantasizing about things you are trying to unwire)

    9. Any advice for rewiring while dating one or more women (no P or M) and being intimate 1-2 times a week or three on average?

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