Semi-Pro Football & Unattached Track & Field comeback Journal

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    Good evening all -

    I decided that I would chronicle or blog my attempt at a Semi-Pro Football and Unattached Track & Field comeback.

    I am 33 years old so I’m getting to the point where I need to capitalize on my speed-power ability as this is the age that it starts to plateau.

    It has been 9 years since I last played Football and competitively ran track.

    However I never stopped training in the weight room.

    I’ve tried to make a couple of comebacks for Speed training over the past few years but I have been nagged with injuries — I’m hoping to change that this year.

    Despite a lack of Speed training in a long while and sporadic attempts at getting back into it, my quickness and stride rate are still really good and I believe I can still be a productive speed-power athlete. Especially in Semi-Pro Football where many of the players are older than me.

    I hope this journey inspires you to go after your dreams.

    I am making a few changes— I likely will be making a transition to running back vs. wide receiver. I will be doing more of a spectrum titled towards hypertrophy (muscle size), power development, shorter sprint distances in training, more resisted sprints with heavier loads. I also am up in the air on making 1 of 3 high-nervous system demand quality days more of a fun day— they call them “X-Factor days” in the Track & Field World where I try out different forms of training I’ve never done before. I also may participate in some marital arts training (not MMA but Karate/Taekwando) on this day. I have not yet decided.

    I am formerly a 400m/200m specialist. I plan on switching to a 60m/100m specialist with perhaps a 200m race pending on how well I can carry my speed endurance.
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    Week 2: 11-17-2020 (Tuesday)
    *Rehabbing from two injured hamstrings — one worse than the other*


    5x5x12 100% mini-steps @ Euclid 2:00min rest

    Strength & Conditioning

    1. Goblet Deep Squat 6x8 - 40lbs
    2. Hammer Curls 6x8 - 52.5
    3. Tricep Overhead Push 6x8 - 52.5
    3’ min recovery

    1. RDL 3x8 - 20lbs
    2. DB Bench 6x8 - 60lbs
    3. DB Rows 6x8 - 60lbs
    3’min recovery

    1. Triple Shoulder (FW, REV; LAT) 4x8 - 20lbs
    2. Upright Row 3x8 - 60lbs
    3. Bicycle Crunch 3x15
    3’min recovery

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