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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Triton.Supreme, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Triton.Supreme

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    I heard a remix of a certain celebrity psychology professor reading a list of 42 "Rules for life" he put together. While these surely had a lot of wisdom to them, I don't think it is necessary to be a professor in order to have at least one or two meaningful insights to share.

    Many of us have been through some tough times that resulted in important insights or changes in attitude. My idea is that we all share one truth each with each other. Maybe we can compile out own Rules for Life, and see how many we get.

    Let the format be like this:
    "Rule number 1 (or 2, or 3, depending on the number in the previous posted rule) - Don't punch a gorilla (or whatever)" followed by a short description that clarify that rule.

    Make sure to look through the thread before posting to make sure to:
    1) Not post something very similar to what others written...
    2) Give yourself the chance to learn something new...
    3) Give a like to those rules that you felt had meaning to you.
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  2. Triton.Supreme

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    Rule no. 1 - Don't distract or stimulate yourself all the time
    Turn of the music/podcast/video game/TV/porn/put down the book/don't snack/drink/take drugs. Instead: spend time alone doing nothing but perhaps meditating or going for a walk. See how quickly you get bored and restless. This means you're overstimulated by modern life with it's fast food, entertainment and displays. Let yourself be bored and anxious until that transform into peace and appreciation for simply being.
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  3. lolos

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    1. Lift
    2. Don't be a pussy
    3. Put yourself above all else
    4. constantly improve yourself
    5. do things that you enjoy but also have value (not gaming or beating it)
  4. Awedouble

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    Not sure about the numbering scheme now but..

    Expect Nothing.

    By all means try things, and if you are not half assing it you'll reap the benefits because if something works it works, but don't have the psychological crutch of setting yourself up for disappointment.
    Socially there's a variation of this of "shoulds" because they are your friend, they are so and so or that's just how we think people should be. Except there's always people who won't act the way you expect them to act. If you don't have the expectation, you wouldn't have that problem. On one hand you won't be disappointed, and on the other you may be pleasantly surprised. Be in the eye of the storm, the neutral 0 point and nothing will touch you.
  5. ZenAF

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    Always speak my truth/Don't lie.
    Say what I do and do what I say.
    Be loyal.
    Have faith in the process without expecting results.
    Make her cum as many times as I do.

    They should be self-explanatory. :)
  6. How is this possible?
  7. Awedouble

    Awedouble Fapstronaut

    I mean you don't have to believe it is possible to be perfect at it, but keeping it in mind as much as possible. I find as we go deeper in life the more we can realize this.
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  8. Infrasapiens

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    1. Do not let you desires, dreams or ideals interfere with other people's lives.
    2. That's it, feel free to do anything you want.
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  9. Davinblake

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    1. Don't seek competition. It's the worst one of all drugs and doesn't lead to anything. I'm a fighter(always did fighting sports) and had been addicted to gaming because i seeked even more competition, because I used to win so I needed to think myself above others in a more plausible way. From there next rule
    2. Don't see yourself above others. You might be 100%, and understanding your strenghts (even if it's EVERYTHING) is good. We're humans and there is no such thing as a superior force that balances us, we might be completely better than someone or completely worse. But if you really are above someone, try making people around you better. Accept that you might not be the top.
    3. Do not seek perfection. It's unfindable, because it's perfection, and so only imaginary models will fit it, not you or me
    4. Tv series (and anime) are just stimulus.
    5. Everything need a different approach. Do not fix yourself on 1 philosophy or on 1 way of solving things, evolve from schemes and live armonically with diversity
    6. You can't make a rule of others yours. So this whole thread is mostly useless, because we are 100% different. We're so different that the 98% equal dna and equal way of being makes less than the 0.001% in our similarity.
    7. Live and be happy, truly happy. Not just faking it, and not by doing stuff. You must be happy, reallt happy JUST FOR YOU
  10. backtolife42

    backtolife42 Fapstronaut

    1. be as honest as you can, to yourself ant to others. Dont be afraid to be weird or unlikeable, people actually appreciate honesty.
    2. reflect over your actions and thoughts, but dont beat yourself up over mistakes, just try to do better next time.
    3. be a good person. The world seems like a terrible place sometimes, but a single person can habe so much positive impact if they stay true to their principles.
    4. go for a walk in the woods from time to time. It is healthy, it helps you think, it helps you clear your head.
    5. listen to people and dont judge them. Everyone got issues and just listening can help them to figure out their shit. Plus you can learn a lot from just listening to people.
  11. 1. Take responsibility for all of your actions. Don't blame others (your parents, ex-girlfriend, teachers, classmates, the government, the weather, your status, your gender).

    2. Be yourself. Follow the dreams of your childhood. Truly, this is what you really want to be.

    3. Say "Thanks" and "Sorry" consciously. We say Thanks and Sorry like it's Hello. Use it more wisely and in appropriate situations.
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  12. LePain

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    Nice! Intrinsically we are free human beings. This is powerful, especially for me. Instead of letting society, cultural or etc define my life, I've begun to understand and to make my life based on me. " I know you've heard this before but life is what you make it" - Coolio,The Winner ~ Space Jam soundtrack
  13. LePain

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    I also like your point. Taking ownership for my life has been so powerful because it puts the ball in my court, where I can do , be say, think, act to get what I want out of life. Thanks for the reminder Strength in Me
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