Shifting from a life of comfortable averageness to a life seeking more. 18 years old

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    Though it may not seem like much to most of you veterans who have gone months and even years, today I'm at 16 days of NoFap. This began when I broke up with my girlfriend. Graduation was a month away and college was around the corner and I realized I needed to change. I attempted NoFap while in the relationship and it didn't last more than a week. My girlfriend of 5 months didn't respect NoFap and as a result pursued her own pleasures instead of supporting me in conquering the addiction that is so prevalent in men of my age. This and my own ambition led to cutting ties with her. Two weeks after and I don't regret it. My frequency in the gym has increased to 5 days a week now and my strength has improved. I've begun to study stoicism and meditate for an hour daily and it's incredible the natural high I feel after taking that hour out of my day to sit back and put my phone down. I feel like I'm finally becoming the man I dreamed of becoming as a child.
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    Congrats Man!

    Keep Going, You Still Got A Long Way To Go!
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    You are still young... Find a hobby or dream and pursue it. When I was a young 18 year old I managed to stop my senior year of high school. I found enjoyment and another side of life that kept me happy, especially with god and the friends I had after High school. Don't stop collage and push further with you're studies.
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    Keep rocking bro

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