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    Haha it goes both ways... depends on person's situation and mindset. If you're a fighter then "worst 4 days of my life" will make you fight. If you're not a fighter then it will subdue your passion of coming out of it, which you didn't have much of to begin with.
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    haha, ha yaar 125+ crore aiesi hi nai huye! :D
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    I think (maybe I am wrong) they have nothing to gain to bring up US NoFappers, we don't run the industry! maybe someone in the production team or creators is liking what we do or they too hate porn/pon industry. Good publicity or bad... doesn't matter because it's always good. Attention costs money, this is the golden rule, and why would they want to spend money on their work with our content? think about it.

    Edit: Thanks for your kindness and politeness.
    Edit 2: Or maybe They see our potential and see where we are going or the oddest reason would be just for fun? haha
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  4. Lol:D shi kaa;)
  5. Just realised ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK FOR LOOSERS! Where black is dedicated Fapstronaut relapsing. And orange is the constant relapse from all the mislead people out there who think masturbation and porn are healthy and if you don't consume them cancer will consume your prostate. Orange is the New black. But an Orange will Never be black!
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    Coincidentally I had just started watching season 6 episode 2 when I saw this alert. Still have the rest of the season to watch, but I'm holding out hope for Caputo to have a nofap-related arc. He has a really unhealthy relationship with porn and sex that is highlighted in both of the first two episodes, so along with nofap being name-dropped by another character I think there's a chance it gets tied together. Guess I'll find out as I watch it. Either way, I'm happy as the rest of you that this is seeing daylight and slowly becoming normalized :)

    Also yeah, this show is trigger city. Take care of yourself and watch something else if you consider yourself at risk!
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    Yea I was kinda surprised when I heard them mention it. I started watching the new season like the day it dropped.
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    Wow cool shit honestly and am proud, but I don't recommend the show to Nofappers because there is nude scenes and stuff but that shouldn't be a problem if you skip over it or whatever your preferences are.

    Still awesome stuff.
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    Kind of funny that the show gets mentioned here. Almost like a promotion (I know it isn't). I've been watching the first 2 episodes of the whole TV show and all I can tell you guys is:

    Stay away from it, it's full of nude scenes and won't help you on your streak - no, it will make you get sexual thoughts and you know where that leads you to.
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    All we need to do is get NoFap to any one anime and we're done ! = )
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  12. Unattractive, obese, beta-male, women teasing him
    Jerks off regularly

    I am not surprised :)
  13. Basically modern pop culture
    Nudity, sex sex sex
    Because we cant produce quality stuff, we give you sex and nudity :)
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    The new season is pretty good so far.
  15. Same. The search might have increased in certian areas. Mainly where the show is popular. But it might jus be curious individuals. Out of 10 individuals, the chance of half of them joining Nofap is small. I do hope the seriously addicted ones join though.
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