Sleep deprivation

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by sam30, May 24, 2021.

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    How do you deal with sleep depreviation
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    Doubling down on caffeine until the weekend hits and I turn into a bear and hibernate for a whole day.
    Not advice, just a straightforward answer to your question.
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  3. Depends on to what extent. A few hours one night I maybe only just wake up 1 hour later. If it happens more than one night then I find I need to make up sleep time on subsequent nights. Mind you though I normally have very consistent schedule and sleep hygiene so that I no longer use an alarm clock.

    Sleep experts do talk about "sleep debt", and I think trying to will yourself to sleep less, maybe a lot less is unrealistic and is based on belief in willpower. Type A personality maybe, in the long run I think finding out what the right balance for you is key.

    BTW as far as willpower, all these people who even literally preach less sleep - I say do it without an alarm clock. I've been able to do that if there's a special event, just my having it in my mind and I wake up that time the next day. But this is the exception rather than the rule, if I become sleep deprived then chances are I won't be able to do that. I think these people are relying on alarm clock power rather than willpower.
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    My sleep schedule has been completely out of whack lately. I go to bed at 4-5 in the morning and sleep until 1-2 in the afternoon. Because of this I feel a lack of motivation. It is very important for me to sleep well, because my body reacts very sharply to lack of sleep.
  5. No doubt there's plenty of info online, I think it makes sense to start by trying simple guidelines from literally any sleep guide, even a short and basic one and provide a link/reference and then say how well that worked and if you want to improve the process then people can talk about specific tips. Whether it's PMO, sleep or whatever it doesn't make sense to talk about tips before you even have a barebones system to start with. Tips are like in addition to having actually tried some things, not when you have nothing to start with.

    All you need to do is a web search to start.

    If you harbor an idea that there may be one simple thing that will work, sorry reality may not work that way. Just like some people may never get a very long streak and never talk about PMO in any detail it may be the same thing with sleep without putting in a little work.

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