So...being a strong man is a disorder now.

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  1. Yeah, BJJ seems really good for self-defense. A lot of police and soldiers focus a lot on grappling. It would give you more of an advantage to be stronger and heavier so I can see your logic in that.
  2. Rush Limbaugh said he was going to talk about the APA report on his show tomorrow
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    Nice! Rush is the fucking man, I try to listen to his radio show often on the morning drive.
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  4. Prior to Trump's presidency, I never listened to Rush, now I do all the time if I'm out driving around during my job
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  5. This was all started in the 60's with the free love movement that concentrated access to sex to 20% of the male population. Before that the Beta Male™ would run into machine gun fire at the mere mention of a threat to their wives. Once the marriage contract was destroyed for the lower 80% of men, that was when shit actually started getting toxic.

    My own mother told me if I was a good Christian man, and was virtuous, and willing to lead, and was a gentleman, women would be inevitably interested in me. Sorry Mom, you were wrong.
  6. Everything from white knighting, to beta simping and all the blue pill shit in between was always there, it's just that 80 years ago, these men would have been desirable because they would help the wife mash the potatoes and not beat her, and would in exchange for their provision, would be given a steady supply of sex.
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    Lol you guys are so unhinged did you guys even read what it says. I support masculinity I think you guys are overreacting or so biased and want to feel offended that you are like the opposite spectrum of SJW fanatics.

    "This masculine reluctance toward self-care extends to psychological help. " This paper is about how traditional masculine traits stop people with depression and mental illness from getting help cuz they're too manly to get help. The issue they're trying to address is "how do you help someone who would never dream of seeking mental health treatment?—"
    It's trying to address one of the major issues with men in society which is their high suicide rates and their depression.

    "It’s also important to encourage pro-social aspects of masculinity, " "In certain circumstances, traits like stoicism and self-sacrifice can be absolutely crucial" "encourage men to discard the harmful ideologies of traditional masculinity (violence, sexism) and find flexibility in the potentially positive aspects (courage, leadership). "

    They're not saying a strong man is a disorder... they're pointing out how there are men who are depressed and have mental illness who are too macho to go ask for help and get better.

    "Getting that message out to men—that they’re adaptable, emotional and capable of engaging fully outside of rigid norms—is what the new guidelines are designed to do. And if psychologists can focus on supporting men in breaking free of masculinity rules that don’t help them" They're trying to help men who are stuck with traditional masculinity and because of it are unable to find help.
  8. C'mon man, people are trying to circlejerk here. Take your reason and leave.
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  10. LOL. So true. The part he left out, is we, unlike SJWs, would actually have a good reason to get "unhinged." They're trying to drag everyone down their sad little level and were trying to save the fuckin world here.
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    Lol maybe you guys are right. It's a malicious attack on masculinity. I don't agree with what they say but I do think it brings up some interesting talking points. I think it's just misguided people trying to help but so brainwashed like you guys imply that it might do more harm than good.
  12. We're all just trying to figure this out. All of us on this site have joined to fight a common enemy.
  13. [QUOTE="Toomuchh, post: 1852090, member: 156017" I don't agree with what they say but I do think it brings up some interesting talking points. [/QUOTE]
    Nah. These people are talking a bunch of intellectually dishonest shit. All the writings I've read attacking masculinity refuse to make the distinction between masculine traits and the traits that disfunctional people exhibit. Men who walk around on some overly aggressive, always have something to prove, trying to fight all the time, abusive to other men and to women are disfunctional people with personality disorders and psychological problems. Real masculine guys dont act like this. These characteristics are not masculine but theyre characteristics observed in disfuctional men and women. Toxic behavior is simply toxic behavior so its stupid to try to sexualize it and ascribe these behaviors to men only.
  14. Everything @Toomuchh said was correct and you still call him a soy boy for it? Why?
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  15. Just joking, honestly toomuchh could be a female for all I know, their gender is not specified LOL. I don't disagree that the parts you quoted from toomuchh are important issues, I just don't think that the APA report has such a noble agenda as that. Those issues should be addressed from a neutral, objective, scientific perspective, not a politically correct, social justice warrior, pseudo-scientific, anti-masculine agenda. Anyways toomuchh later said he/she agreed with all of us
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  16. Ok. I wasn’t saying the whole report was good but the points that toomuchh pointed out seemed very valid to me.
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    I dont know what the source is for this, but this is not true whatsoever. This is nonsense.
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  18. Replace "SJW" with "anti-SJW" and you get something an SJW would say...
  19. Yeah that's what pisses me off about the report. Those are very valid issues, but then the APA uses those issues as a pretext to advance their own "progressive" ideology. For example imagine a suicidal guy seeking help, he goes to a therapist, and the therapist is now treating him for "traditional masculinity" like it's some kind of disease, when that's not why the suicidal guy is there. It's a degeneration of the mental health field
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  20. It's different dude. I use to be a "nice guy" like those male feminists. Telling women what they want to hear and then expecting things in return, isn't nice. It's manipulative and the very reason so many women hate men. I was never an SJW (it wasn't even a thing back then, really), but I use to be kinda similar to them. I've seen their side with my own eyes and it was only until I was willing to admit that I may have been wrong that I could change. A lot of us, use to be like them (kinda). It's different because we're willing to admit we may be wrong. They aren't. I don't think women will admit it, but they want strong men in their lives that can say whatever the fuck they feel like without worrying about offending someone. There're more important issues out there than hurt feelings.
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