So you are into politics? Hah. Well, let's have a talk.

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    So you are probably on the left side or on the right say. Or you may even pride yourself in being on the middle. You have your opinions and your stances and you may like to discuss them. You may have it all figured out. How to make the world a better place, how to solve all the problems and help other people. Hach. If only you had the power and position to make those changes. Often you look into the news and shake your head at all the injustices and wrong-doings you see there.
    You may be a feminist or promote social justice, you may be a fervent promoter of these ideas or you may strictly be against them.
    You look youtube videos to eduacte yourself, to see the truth and maybe you will also watch troll videos about your stupid political opponents.
    You probably know a lot, maybe all there is to know about the world and what's wrong with it. And even if you don't have learned all yet, you surely will and either way, you are a good person who wishes for the best of the world.
    However, now that you know a lot of stuff and see all that injustice you become frustrated. You are neither president nor a politican and in general, not in any position in power to change all the things wrong with the world. And quite frankly, you also don't feel like ever going into an occupation that would allow you to do that. However, you want to contribute to the great cause in your own way, pulling your weight, doing your part. Because it's the right thing to do. You will start discussing online, fighting and (probably) insulting others in the comment section of videos and online newspapers. You may be trying to convince your friends, neighbours and loved ones, of the truth and the light you have seen, and quite likely have failed with it. You may forsake those people because they are so ignorant and blind. And still, you are frustrated. Rather, you feel yourself becoming bitter and spiteful against people and the world who reject justice and true goodness. You start catching yourself thinking about political issues before going to bed, when standing up, even under the shower and going to the grocery store. You have started analyzing what people say meticulously and either view them as 'allies' or 'enemies'. Of course, you are not small-minded, so you understand that there are also ignorant outsiders, who are not educated on any of these things. You don't judge them, just their lack of enthusiasm.
    But more so than ever, that's excactly why you need to be brave and take up the cross for your cause.

    Tell you what. You are at a place in life, I wish for no one to be. You have allowed politics to intrude your personality and your personal life, and poison it. You have allowed yourself to be rendered a tool for politics. Of course you will feel frustrated, you are talking and thinking about stuff that is above your caliber. You have no real say in them and anything you do amounts to just a small drop in a big, big ocean.
    You don't have a position or job in which you could apply your understanding of politics and what is right, so of course you will feel frustrated.
    Rather, you spend your time to look even more into these topics. Excuse me. Did I write "spend" time? Sorry, I meant waste time. And really, waste time in the worst way possible.
    Becoming a political zealot, no matter left or right or whatever cause you strive to promote, is never worth it. You will always be unhappy and always will become bitter over time. And of course, your mental health, relationships with others and general fullfillment in life will suffer. And if you are honest with yourself, it has become kind of an addiction right? Looking up what the evil guys did again and then looking up what good things your political side did for the world, how ungrateful it may be.
    You need to understand that nothing good will ever come out of delving too deep into these topics.
    I am not talking about not educating yourself. You should of course, know and understand what you vote for. But if you don't strive for a political career or a politics-related job, that's where your engagement should stop.
    Otherwise you will waste huge amounts of time on things you can't change and have no say in. That's like a person who can not walk reading books about how great it is to run a marathon. Of course they will feel frustrated or resentful. And those negative feelings will translate into your relationships and every day life. And at times, you may even be unable to shut up and not say anything or become intense about topics and alienate yourself from other, perfectly normal, people.
    Don't be that person. It's really annoying. I have had to cut relationships with a lot of people who were unable to discuss anything other than politics and somehow always were able to politicalize anything and everything when talking to them.

    If above written applies to you, think hard about whether your engagement in politics have really had a positive influence on you, or rather, on the opposite, have wasted your time and hurt your emotional and mental wellbeing.
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