Social anxiety disorder

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    does anyone know if nofap beats social anxiety realy?! im not talking about confidence

    cuz i fell anxiety is getting intense in long streaks and its withdrawls for sure but im talking about long term !

    -----if someone suffering from social anxiety and get free from it in nofap fell free to share that with us ----
    cuz i fell that topic is from the most important topics during nofap !
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    Yes, it does relieve social anxiety long term. Trust me, when you are on a long streak you start to become more aware socially and less socially anxious. You can pick up on social cues more and become more socially dominant.

    there are times during a streak though that you may feel more socially anxious initially at times. But overall, long term the anxiety decreases.
  3. Anxiety disease is probably the easiest of the psychological problems people have today to cure. It has been dubbed the disease of the millennial generation, because millennials seem to have everything done for or handed to them. The anxiety mostly comes from getting out of school and finding out they have been lied to by liberal teachers about everything from their education to growing up and how to function in the real world. It's actually all about being present. So if you want to cure yourself all you have to do is stay out of your head and being present will help you learn to think! Listening is key, because many people with anxiety disease are almost digited and think they know everything. That doesn't work. Practicing staying out of your head and into reality takes time, but will give you many of the benefits of nofap which are listed here somewhere. You may get your feelings hurt along the way, but remember that FEELINGS PASS, but reality is always your friend.
  4. I think listening has been a problem for me and it caused me a lot of social problems over the years. I don't know how to solve it honestly and if it's related to social anxiety then I guess not PMOing might also help me in that case. You seem to have gone through more than 9 months. How are you holding up? I am just curious.
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  5. Listening is half the battle. The other half is understanding what you heard. You can do it listening to the radio, tv, a pastor or another person. Just ask yourself what your heard after you listened. It will take intention, but it will get stronger if you want it too.

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