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    To all reading this:

    First of all: about myself. I'm NOT a porn addict. I edge occasionally (once every week I think, not really counting days) to memories of sex and random pics of girls, videos of young girls wearing heels (just my thing). I ejaculate maybe 1-2 times per month usually (when I started nofap 3 years ago I was at 1 ejaculation every 2-3 days so I made a HUGE improvement already. I recommend it to everyone.) My goal is to control the sexual energy, never fap again and hopefully never ejaculate again (while still having sex, still need to learn how. Maybe I’ll follow a course someday)

    I want to make an important notice to everybody on this forum: STOP COUNTING DAYS, STOP FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU HAVE A LONG STREAK. It is absolutely destructive to making real progress in your life. Your ‘NoFap day count’ progress is really just a fantasy and no actual accomplishment in your life. Please take this into consideration, as I’ve had a pretty serious OCD-like obsession with fapping and more importantly about not fapping. The cycle keeps itself alive because you feel good about yourself during a streak, BECAUSE you have a streak. This inevitably means that you will feel bad about yourself if you lose the streak. It’s a never ending cycle that’s obsessive and destructive for your actual personality development and life progress. At least, that’s what it was for me. And I’m guessing it’s no different for many people on here. At least think about this for a few minutes.

    The thing is that no longer realizing you’re not fapping, it creates so much time and freedom in your head to focus on other things… I’ve been doing everything I can and still feel like there’s more I can do with my time/energy. I have no idea how many days my last orgasm or fap was, I don’t keep track of that anymore which is very relieving.

    However, on this moment, I feel extremely sexually frustrated (just literally ran up to a girl to tell her she is hot and ask for her number, didn’t get it of course, ran off. It was stupid. Also started jerking my dick in the toilet but I stopped after like 30 secs). I need to calm down, just smoked a cigarette to calm down (I never smoke…).

    Somebody has some advice to calm down? (Better advice than: smoke a cig…lol). Maybe some breathing exercise, meditation, heavy workout, idk. It’s just for the short term, just for today, because tomorrow and the day after I work all day and probably won’t be thinking about it anymore. So I’ll calm down eventually.

    BTW: don't look at that day counter it's not correct, trying to figure out how to remove it
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    - 10 deep from-nose-to-mouth breathes with eyes closed;
    - short but draining workout;
    - favorite music for a few tracks;
    - cold water flush on face;
    - refocusing your mind to do something worthy, like cleaning floors, changing sheets, dish cleaning, etc.
    - small walk to market to get something you need even if it is only water or bread.

    You are godamn right about that "counting days" nonsense. It is all about changing yourself, not forcing yourself somewhere up the hill and hoping it will magically vapors in thin air.

    Though, having a visible counter of days you have been through gives you motivation to not give up and the further your counter goes the less you need to watch it as you get used to it.

    Good luck!

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