Stressing myself when I see a slightly sexy pic

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by christian17, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. christian17

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    For example my school book is full of Girls with sexy tanktops and hot pants (Don’t ask me why, maybe someone thought this wasn’t too much). Another example is when I am browsing memes or watching YouTube. Everytime I run into these triggers i get enormously stressed because try not to peek for any price. But I still want to watch memes or YouTube. Is it really that bad to see these pics? Is it really as bad as peeking to porn?
  2. DeProfundis

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    Why not take a walk outside or read a novel instead?
  3. 4eyedfox

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    Youtube bingeing is almost as bad as porn it releases dopamine in the same receptors and keeps the pathways lighting up not getting weaker.
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  4. BeFree33

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    Yupp.. no YouTube or social media for me.
    Better ways to be more productive
  5. cns

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    What is wrong watching some attractive female on TV, youtube or walking on street etc ... during reboot ???
  6. It feeds your brain dopamine in the same receptors and keeps pathways in your brain open. This is why YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, , Instagram especially, and basically all forms of social media should be avoided on nofap. They're all the most common Porn Subs and slow down the rebooting process greatly.

    Edit: also combining NoFap and NoSurf should make the process of rebooting go much faster. I've noticed that I was much happier when I was younger and I've noticed that it was because I wasn't a phone addict. Even though I quit whacking it, dry humping, and looking at some weird fetishes(I had a fat girl fetish since i was little and am currently in the process of getting rid of it for good. There are others but none nearly as prominent as this one and I managed to lock those up in my brain.) I noticed I wasn't getting all the benefits of Nofap and now I think that the phone is the problem.
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  7. cns

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    Interesting. I guess it can help a bit. But this is something normal and should not create any sexual urges.
  8. DarkMoment

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    Dude I'm right there with you and have the same problem. I try to stay away from YouTube, all social media and anything that might be remotely sexy.
  9. thanks for this, you have opened my eyes at least, and for that you have done a good deed
  10. oops... alright i’ll stay off youtube then:(

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