Struggling with PIED, currently day 38. Should I check my dick‘s response at a nudist beach?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by BulletinNew, Jul 24, 2021.

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    Hello guys,

    I am 20 years old and struggling with PIED. I am on day 37 and this is my cleanest streak I ever had (have not peaked once). I am going on a trip to a lake for a few days soon, I will go camping and swimming there, alone.
    At this lake there will be a naturism beach (hope I translated it correctly, I am talking about a beach where everyone is nude). My question is, do you think it would be a good opportunity to spend a day at the naturism beach, to check how my dick responds to seeing real people naked? I don’t know if there could be a better opportunity to check the status of my pied than that. I am planning to abstain from hook ups until I am at day 90, but a little success inbetween would be nice.
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    This sounds like a lose-lose to me. Having been in some situations where I was involuntarily exposed to seeing other men and women naked I can tell you the vast majority of human beings do NOT look good without clothes and some are downright repulsive (really fat people and old ladies especially). If you go to that beach and don't get hard, it could be a false negative. On the other hand I'm pretty sure springing a stiffy at a nude beach is considered really bad form and might even get you in trouble. So that's not what you want either.

    You have a novel idea but the best rule of recovery in general is not to "test" at all.
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    Thanks for your opinion! I have to agree, the people there will not be hot with a high probability haha. But I think I’m able to differentiate between which people should be doing something with my penis and what people don’t. So I don’t think I would interpret something wrong considering that.
    About the stuffy, I guess I could hide that by lying on my belly haha.
    But you have a good Point with the testing aspect. I just wonder if testing with real people is really testing. The testing I want to avoid for me is more the testing with what I was addicted to: porn, porn substitutes, sex stories and all the other artificial sexual stimulation. People are not artificial so it might be okay but I will think about it again.
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    For the first time in 20 years I have had succesfull sex, and I can't describe the happy tears I have. I have followed every bit of advice on the internet to narrow down and understand where I have been going wrong all these years. I am a very active person but for me it was all in my head and some wild fantasies I had problems letting go of. I now understand that. Many of the women I met ended badly because I was not with the right woman and it only escalated to new lows. In the end I met a amazing woman who accepted me for who I was and failed many times with her. But we both loved each other and gave me many chances. She never pressured me even though she was getting frustrated with me.i have tried every thing, and all solutions on here with no avail. I was dead against taking the blue pill but since I had a mental block due to many years of fapping to weird fantasies which always held me back. But if I didn't meet this wonderful woman I would of never of perserved. She is my rock and soulmate, who I can never repay. I'm so happy typing this as I thought I would never heal and use to feel broken. Wow the feeling is amazing, but by no means it's not perfect and still a working progress. But atleast I've known where I was going wrong all these years. It's not just about NoFap, there is so much more then that. For me I was addicted to porn and fantasies and it became the norm. I broke the cycle with many 90 day challenges over almost 10 years. In the end I was still fapping to porn once a month. But in the long run it worked , even though I never met the 90 days once. My longest streak was 55 days. Sex is still a working progress and we moved in together 3 months ago, but wow how things have improved. In the end it's better to be honest and acknowledge it to the woman you dream of, but it has to mean more then sex otherwise it will fail everytime. Be strong and follow your heart because that's what saved me in the end. Love you all
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    Happy to hear that nofap worked for you!:) hope I can write a post like this too someday
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    The title of your thread is hilarious. Cheers from Portugal. Stay hard .
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