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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by MuslimNoPorn, May 7, 2017.

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    Hey guys I'm searching for a better study method, does anyone know a good one or can tell me how they study?

    How do you study your languages (have a few for school) and how do you study your science?
  2. Youtube is the answer to your question. I'm studying architecture right now, from the internet I learned about concrete, steel, glas, about mechanics, I learned to code, to solder and the list goes on.

    Often the teachers on youtube are better than those at school. (physics) (math, a bit advanced maybe)

    Not really methods though, I don't know what your current "method" to learn looks like, can you describe it?
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    So many tricks you can find on the internet for focus studying.
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    A good thing that helped me was to listen to instrumental music. Stuff like techno, classical, or some experimental rock/metal bands like Chimp Spanner, Animals As Leaders, Angel Vivlandi, Plini, Blotted Science, and many others. Also, try to create your own little space to study in your room or study in the library. Its worth a shot. Like Phil mentioned, there are a lot of videos on youtube to look at. Here is a good one in my opinion:
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    my method for study hmm i am think it's common for a people or maybe unusually method, but here my strategy
    1. give some time and space for think about something that interest you, such like math (my favourite subject) or something, but never push your brain for think about hard stuff you can get started from little thing. example : one day i see a coin on my wallet, because that day i have a time and don't know to spent the time i used the coin and observed it (simply i played with it .... :D just kill the time), and from my observed i get and exited about the material the coin and started search from google about the material, and my interest just not about material but about the 2 side of the coint .... i am starting imagine the subject from math class about probality and after it i get 2 stuff to study about (math:probality and chemistry: material). the point is start to find something that make you interest.
    2. my second strategy study from everywhere, in modern life it will such embrassing if you still you convencional study example book, many thing from somewhere you can get experience and knowledge, example : if have trouble in a subject such math you can use internet i.e youtube to find the subject that you still don't know. in other hand combine with book it will ok to make up your study.
    3. relax.... that's the point plus confident on yourselft
    4. think about something fun about the subject or imagine you are expert on that subject
    5. break... give your time to appreciate yourself after you study, my habbit i give about 30 minute to break and understand what i have beed stdying.
    6. your custom method....... ok olny that i can share about my strategy on study, looking forward to hear about your custom strategy. ( sorry for my english, still study it) :D
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    Some tips (compilation of my experience):
    Sleep a 10-minute nap. No more no less. It'll recharge you, filling you with the necessary energy.
    * Begin focusing on work during an only minute. Then, increase the time between rest of 5 minutes and, at the third rest, turn it up to 20 minutes.
    * Do not overexert yourself and make it fun or interesting with prizes or challenges with yourself or with other people.
    * Although instrumental, peaceful music is ok for encouraging you to start, I assure you that it won't have any effect when you are in.
    * Study in a library
    if your bedroom gives you too many distractions.

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