Success: how did you do it?

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  1. onebookperweek

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    If you have abstained from PMO for, say, thirty days - or longer - how did you do it?

    Also, if you are interested, please share your thoughts on the connection between success and trying again and again, until one is able to achieve their goal.
  2. Phibz

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    It's not really complicated. Kind of like quitting smoking. You have to be ready for this. Knowledge and willpower isnt enough. You have to surrender to a life without masturbation. And you come to this conclusion from intense suffering. When living with this habit is no longer an option, there is only one other option.
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  3. burningheart

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    For me it's always been about remembering how bad it made you feel when you failed and no longer wanting to feel that way. It does take a strong will to succeed and coming to a decision to feel good or feel badly. When the temptation arises, just remember the outcome waiting on the other side. Take a lactose intolerant person who loves milkshakes. Eventually the constant pain he experiences after drinking one won't be worth the short term pleasure. Once you get a good streak going and you feel so good about yourself, you won't want that to end and you will do whatever it takes to preserve it.
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    The gym immensely helps going through this. HIIT workouts for me are the way to go. Tax and max out mind and body. After the intense workouts I get the same if not much better feeling from the dopamine release because that high lasts much longer. I deleted my stash is also a great contributing factor since it would be hard for me to get my hands on anything else because personally I like to own my content. I don't want to go and take time to look for my favorite scenes again. Plus I now forgot the names of the majority of the porn stars I was into. It is like a total brain fart and mind block. Another important variable is that I have been on this personal version of the flatline experience since I have started. This is what I am experiencing at the moment....

    I am on day 22 and would hit 30 next week and this is my ever first attempt. Going into this looks like there is no end game and this is an ongoing journey. It is more like hitting milestones as opposed to seeing this as success. Success is like you reach a goal you are done. Getting rid of this irritation is never done. This becomes a lifestyle.
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  5. Awakening123

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    Learn from your relapses and do whatever it takes to fight. Write a journal, have an accountability partner, have a plan for everyday, don't use internet when you are home alone, only go to specific sites, don't click or search anything that is suspicious etc etc.

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  6. msmahamed

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    Tbh, I just did it. I cut the bullshit, the guilt trips, all of that and just focused on today, the here and now. For connections between success and trial and error, the best way (imho) is when you fail/relapse that you accept the loss as quickly as possible. After you've accepted that you relapsed, focus on rebuilding asap.

    Alot of people when they relapse enter bingeing, and that only makes it harder.

    The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.
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