Swapping OCD?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by ItsNotWorthIt, Oct 17, 2015.

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    I was wondering if it is possible to change my OCD ticks to something else more productive.

    right now i have to check if i closed every water crane from my flat more than 3times before i leave my place,
    if i touch something i have to touch it with my other hand aswell with all my fingertips,
    if i move my shoulders in a position i have to keep doing it until i feel satisfied, which sometimes takes a while so i keep doing the same shoulder movement over and over
    also my nose i lift up like when you try to look angry allot of times.
    my eyes twitch
    cant sit on toilets without having toilet paper around the thing,
    when someone sneezes or coughs next to me i get very angry and need to hit something.
    i wash my hands every time i touch something that someone else already touched.
    to think of it i kinda have allot...
    used to have allot more when i was younger

    i have to eat 4 meals a day because i lift weights but i'm not sure if thats a ocd
    same with going to the gym every day.

    now what if i could change them like having the ocd of to clean my flat everyday
    cause right now i live in my own mess and i cant seem to clean it
    or anything else that can be productive because i lose allot of time with rechecking stuff in my flat before i leave, sometimes 30minutes which i could use to clean up

    anyone knows? couldn't find anything online

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