Take Serious Steps - Eliminate Everything - Recover Faster - 90 Day Challenge - READ THIS

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    OK so i decided to say STOP everything that can turn urges into failure.

    - Removed Tinder
    - Removed Instagram
    - Installed Pluckeye On Computer
    - Wiped and format hard drive (no more file recovery possible)

    Result: no more sources available to relapse. If you are hesitating or don't have the courage install pluckeye it's a solid choice. Remove temptation from your recovery period and you will get guaranteed results.

    The list above will force your mind to rest from sources. This will result in the quickest recovery possible.

    The less you have to resist, the better. The less energy you have to spend resisting, the easier it will go.

    I'm only here to help so if you want help do it start today and let's make this a challenge. I want everyone that starts today with me to follow this thread.

    Post your progress and updates here i will too. Good luck to everyone and welcome.
  2. Hello,
    I only use facebook for texting my girlfriend, I dont use it as most people. I have no Instagram, Snapchat, any shit account.
    I cutted down on Youtube, I plan only to watch it when I want to watch something meaningful.
    No porn, no masturbation, only playing with my girlfriend.
    I read books, I learn online, I exercise and attend to gym. Biggest wish is to find friends, feel secure about the future and have healthy brain.
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  3. Generally be the best version of myself.
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  4. Jeff Boyder

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    Ok, I'm going to begin this 90 day challenge when November begins (check out my no but November thread). Why did this thread suddenly die tho?

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