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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by MrTGF, Dec 25, 2019.

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    Im MrTFG and im in my early 20s. I dont want to talk to talk too much about myself so i'll get right to the reasons why I want to join NoFap:
    (First of all i have to say that im not totally new. I learned about NoFap a few months ago but never made an account)
    I tried rebooting a few times. My first attempt was no nut november 2018. I achieved 3 days. In april 2019 I tried again and didnt fap for 5 days but i couldnt continue because my urge to watch porn/masturbate was too high. But everything changed this december. I questioned myself many things. One thing was my unhealthy porn consumation.Porn isnt a good thing and in addition its disgusting. I masturbate way too often and it steals alot of lifetime and energy. Also I hate semen. Its so disgusting. So i had the idea to try rebooting again and so i didnt fap for 10 days. I was so happy but today i relapsed. I got so horny i couldnt stand it. Im really sad, otherwise im quite happy. While I watched porn I almosted puked. Porn felt so disturbing and my interest for it went to zero. I still jerked off sadly but now i really want to stop PMO for ever. My first goal is to hit 10 days again and after that a whole month than 3 months and so on. And im quite sure this community can help me. I hope my english isnt to bad (im not a native speaker). Well, thanks for your attention and good luck everyone.
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    I'm new as well. 10 days is an excellent goal, I was only able to make it about a week during No Nut November. I have family in addiction programs, and one of their favorite mantras is one day at a time. Don't beat yourself up if you can't make it.
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