the beginning of the end

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  1. hi there

    i've known about nofap for a while but its time for me to join up and make some positive changes in my life.
    im getting older now (will turn 26 soon) and have come out of a long battle with depression recently.
    it has left me with a few bad habits, most notably fapping/edging as stress relief and excessive porn usage.
    i have masturbated since i was quite young, almost for as long as i can remember, so this habit is quite deep-set.
    i am ashamed and embarrassed of my habit... its gets in the way of my normal life so this is something that i need to change.

    i will start a reboot post tomorrow and go from there... wish me luck!
  2. Dont worry with a positive cumunity like Nofap you will beat this addiction
  3. breath333

    breath333 Fapstronaut

    Don’t feel embarrassed. We are all in the same boat here. It will get easier to talk about it over time.

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