The easiest 12 day streak so far!

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    It's been 12 days since the last time I will ever watch porn. Period. It's not about going 90 days, it's about taking this addiction seriously, following the 12 steps and committing yourself to recovery.

    I have been legitimately taking action towards recovery all year, I've been to walk in clinics, a 24hr metal health crisis centre twice, been regularly seeing an addictions councillor biweekly for at least 6 months, I went to an SLAA meeting a few times, and have been seeing a bioenergetics therapist biweekly for the past 8+ months...

    I was also able to get K9 on my laptop and restrictions set up on my phone so its basically impossible for me to access porn anyways.

    The bioenergetics has helped the most so far, day 1 of this streak I went to a bio-eng. workshop, my individual work was amazingly beneficial. A part of the workshop involves laying on a mattress, breathing deep, kicking, screaming, crying if it comes up... basically a massive energy and emotional release.

    I can honestly say the desire to watch porn is basically zero... zero urges or cravings to be honest... Another thing that has helped is EFT (emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping)

    I am still in flatline, however my anxiety and depression have also been greatly reduced, I'm more open and laughing more.

    A year ago I was addicted to extreme types of porn, which started 13 years ago, I was also addicted to pot, stealing it daily from my roommate, I had really bad social anxiety, severe depression, suicidal thoughts...

    I know I still have along way to go, but it does get easier... IF you actually take it seriously and take the 12 steps, and take massive action towards bettering your life and creating a better future for yourself!

    Below is some videos that have helped me on this journey.

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    Wow i never thought of following a 12 step program..... im not sure i am brave enough.

    Well done and good luck.
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    Take it seriously, it's an addiction. Doesn't matter if you're addicted to porn, cocaine, opioids, alcohol, gambling or whatever. This NoFap community does not take addiction seriously enough. Look at the 12 steps and see what actions you can take towards each one. It doesn't have to include a religious aspect, I'm atheist but it works. Meditation is a big aspect that helps too. Stop focusing on some petty 90 day challenge. It does take a lot of courage to tell someone about it, I'm sure there are free addiction/ mental health services near where you live.
  4. I am doing a 12-step program as well from my religion, but the 90 Day Challenges do help you to stay motivated, driven, and disciplined.

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