The Final Straw

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by BlackVelvet, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. BlackVelvet

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    Hey everyone!

    I would like to ask another question about you guys if you care to tell. What was your final straw with PMO(like when you knew it was going too far) and how you found Nofap?
    Holla at ya boy,
    Bon voyage,
  2. 1DayAtaTime

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    For me it wasn't a realization all of a sudden. I wasn't happy with other areas of my life and after each fap I started to feel guiltier and guiltier, I guess I kinda understood that it was slowly destroying me.
  3. Forty Six & 2

    Forty Six & 2 Fapstronaut

    For me it needed two things:

    First, The kind of porn I needed to get over the edge was continuously becoming harder. On some days I needed excessive submission of women and on other days I had to watch extreme male submission. The last kind of material made it clear to me that I feel extremely self-conscious around women.
    Oh, And I was beginning to feel like shit after PMO'ing.

    The second thing was that I haven't been touched by a girl for three years and this was starting to really piss me off. Combining this desire with the inability to interact with women on a sound basis led me to rethink a few aspects of my life.

    I initially searched for help regarding porn addiction in 2012 but Google only led me to some weird Christian website that offered an even weirder program that also cost money so it was fapping another year and a half for me until I read about NoFap for the first time in this article.
  4. ###

    ### Fapstronaut

    Wanting to stop with all my heart and not being able to. That scared me.

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