The myth of beautiful women being approached and complimented all the time - What's the real truth?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by faplordxd, Jun 24, 2017.

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    I've got the same curse. 26, no facial hair, baby face, look like a student at the local high school. Here's my advice to you. Turn this feature into a strength. Use the element of surprise after people make their assumptions. It's a pivot point you can exploit, if done skillfully. It's also not weird if you're engaging women 10 years your younger. Imagine you're 40 and you look it. You can't be blowing up the younger generations. Not so with a baby face. In fact, it'll probably morph into a blessing once we do hit that decade. Most people seem to think so. But for the present moment, as mentioned above, use people's assumptions against them. Don't blame the fact they make them...instead use that moment to more skillfully exhibit yourself.

    Secondly, go asian. That population is ageless. They'll look upon your baby face and smile.
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    GG you are so dead on.
    My SO thinks he is a 6 & I'm a 10.
    Is always calling himself goofy looking mother-fer. (rolls eyes... Yeah ok)
    Id like to point out that when you marry a woman, looks fade. (life happens to all of us)
    Or after pregnancy..
    Fun fact- the average weight gain within the 1st year and a half after the wedding day is 25 lbs.
    To lose weight to fit into the wedding dress, the average weight a woman tries to lose is 7 1/2 lbs
    That's a huge difference.
    (i learned that in college, I have no idea what it would be now - it was the national US average)
    It honestly scared me into being fit.
    I became obsessed with health, hearing some of the things that I learned
    Most people don't care.
    Most people are comfortable eating fast food once a week instead of once every 3 months.
    So unhealthy.

    If everyone took care of themselves, we would all be good looking.
    Better looking.
    Men want the best looking and use it as a excuse to be ugly inside.
    I think everyone could use a more open mind.
    Or a bigger heart.
    Maybe just being less selfish.

    And I'd like to point out that just because you look younger, doesn't mean you have to go for younger.
    Or fetisheze based on your own youth.
    It's indicative to healing.
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  3. I got a suggestion for all you folks:
    Stop rating physical attractiveness on a 1 to 10 scale!!! You probably all watched too much "The Pickup Artist"...
    There are two kinds of people: The ones you find attractive and the ones you don´t. Emphasis on YOU! What you find attractive, may be ugly in somebody elses eyes.
    By seeing a woman as 10 you are just implying that you are too afraid of her, because you think you don´t deserve them, they are out of your league, bla, bla, bla...
    By seeing a woman as what she is (a woman!) you don´t need to be afraid of them anymore or put them on a pedestral! Isn´t that great?
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    I totally agree.
    & all these posts on picking women up and Idk what that BS is.... There is a show now called the pick up artist??
    Just talk to people.
    As people.
    And treat them like people.
    Is it really so difficult??
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  5. This show is actually from 2007. It was basically the show which pushed all this pickup bullshit into mainstream media. Most of the other stuff came after this.
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    That's the problem with living your life instead of watching TV.. I guess I miss stuff
    (to note... People are always referring to TV shows and I'm like what?
    I simply don't watch a lot of TV.
    I was just trying to be funny)
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    Looking young sucks now but in 10 years you will be thankful for your genes trust me! Try not to let your self confidence come from other people, rather from within. If she shoots you down the next girl won't. Try not to miss out on the girl that will say yes because of those that said no. And short men do have a harder time dating. There are documented studies on it. But own what you've got and be confident in it!
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    My post was meant mostly for men who felt like they always got shot down by women and wanted to know how not to. No one should settle. No one should accept average . But what a 10 is to you may be totally different to another guy. Not all guys are going to get a model. If you have one props to you you have found your needle in a haystack.
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    First off all, I don't want to offend anyone, I'm talking about the general here.

    My question is why would you approach a beautiful girl, when there are much more nice / pretty girls?
    As I have seen it, the beautiful girls are mostly acting inapproachable, cold, distanced and uninterested.
    For example in a bar or club there is even physical distance around them, more than with other people.
    I feel like you have to constantly prove yourself, being your self is not good enough, so your basically faking to get or hold attention.
    Not even speaking about a possible introduction to fiends. The male part would be OK, but their gf and spouses.... Think It would be a hard fit.
    For me I would be more happy with a nice looking girl then a beautiful girl and have to be constant on alert.

    About the female approaching male:
    I'm just an average guy so when I'm approached I'm always suspicious. The instances were I've been approached by females were not that positive.
    In most cases it was just plainly weird or there where some other motives. The few times it was (maybe) genuine, I was just having a really good time and not that interested.
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    WOW, man you seriously sound like me, except for the relationship part, I've yet to get that down even though I'm 30. All the time I get told I'm 23-24 but nope, I'm 30, which is great for sure, but for some reason I'm attracted to girls in their early 20's (probably because I'm back in college, about to graduate), which for me hasn't worked out yet in my favor because most, for me at least are turned off when they hear my age. I'm sure if I get my shit together that will change quickly (move into my own place, get a decent job). Older girls closer to my age intimidate me because they usually have their shit together and I'm still working on a few things.

    Online for me doesn't work, again because of age I'm sure (and in my area the girls are few and far between plus most are only their for hook ups). I also get attention from larger girls, which is a huge turnoff for me because I lost a lot of weight and am working to improve my life, so why would I want to be with someone like that. Frustrating for sure, but you nailed it on the head about the confidence part.

    What I suggest for you, and anyone else who thinks they have a disadvantage because of stuff like height or age is to learn to accept it and not dwell on it. Do some girls like taller guys? Of course, but there are plenty that have different likes, not all are the same. As you said yourself, keep going, focus on the positive and one day you will meet someone. Not everyone marries their highschool crush and lives happily ever after.
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    Teach ME day game for with men I am BEGGING you! Please
  12. Tesslynne

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    Then PLEASE teach me how I could do it in a way that WOULD be more likely to work -- all you said is what DOESN'T
    I mean, I'm not saying it is up to you to but I would really appreciate knowing if there is a way women can approach men that is less likely to be off putting
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    its all about the way how you tell the compliment if you tell it in a playfull teasy way she will like it.

    if you do it in a approval way she will thinx you are a nice guy if you do it in a neutral way she will thinx you are a creap.

    "if you tell a girl i like you're eyes especially you're left one" thats a compliment but still wit ha little bit playfulness in it
  14. Chances are good that her self esteem issues are just as big as yours. Just because they are older or appear to have everything under control, doesn´t mean they are any better then you are.
    As soon as you really believe that you deserve such a woman, you will at least get the chance to get that woman! Don´t put them on a pedestral, just because they seem perfect. They are surely not.
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    So true, it's just a mindset I've had because of the difficulties I've had with women. Thank you for reiterating that, I need to be reminded of it from time to time clearly!

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