The Tarot Challenge: A road through the major arcana cycle

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    I’m a spanish native speaker, you may find spelling errors in this topic.
    Read before enter the Challenge:

    This Challenge involves philosophy & spirituality.

    Tarot involves energy manipulation and internalization work.

    If you are not ready to take lessons or you don’t take spirituality as a serious matter, please don’t take this challenge.

    Joining or not is up to you.

    This is a 4 months challenge
    Registration Open: 27 slots available


    So, the spiritual life and believes are always reason for discussion. Is there people that believe in it and there is people that don’t.​

    The Tarot has a total of 22 major arcana, and that is what this challenge is about. If you read the symbology of this major arcana, you can notice that it constitutes a road: a cycle.

    Yes, the 22 Major arcana represents a cycle. A cycle means an entire life, or an entire day, or even a small moment. The cycles happen all the time, they start and end constantly and eternally. It is an ancient eastern philosophical concept somewhat difficult to understand, since in Asia the way of life is cyclical, while in the West it is linear.

    Today, we start the journey through this cycle. Every step will represent a different path in your PMO recovery.

    Since I dont want to made a 220 days challenge, I decided to use only 11 steps for this. We will be using only 11 major arcana, wich will constitute only 120 days of challenge. It means, a 4 months challenge. Also the first 11 major arcana represents one entire cycle of learning.

    I made this challenge for myself, but decide to share it with other people.

    The idea is to internalize the key concepts that correspond to your current day position, and work your mind and spirit with them during the time you stay in the step. There is a total of 11 steps for the run. Every step is an evolution of the previous one and all are sumatory as you progress.

    I strongly recommend to investigate the concepts of your current major arcana in other internet places. There is plenity of information about that can complement your mindset.

    As people join in, I will add their names to the runners list.


    Tarot is a philosophy of learning and internalization of simbology and concepts, this is a very serious challenge and the rules will sue it.


    How join it?: You send me a Inbox in case that you want to be part of the journey. I will check this topic daily and follow everyone’s progress as I check my Inbox. Please check the current runners count before send me a PM. Once you send me the PM, you can start the journey and count/report your days, I will update and put your name on the list as fast as I can.

    Runners limit: This challenge for now will be limited to 30 cycle runners, every time someone relapse or graduate, the slot will be open for newcomers.

    Starts from day 0: You don’t have to reset your counter, but you start from day 0.

    Suddent Death: If you fail rules once, you loss the challenge and you cannot join it again. You must go and find another challenge. Report about a relapse and leaving the challenge is your responsability.

    Ultra Hard Mode:
    No porn, no masturbation, no sex, no orgasm. Sex with partner not allowed. No edging. No date apps. No prostitutes.

    Report everyday:
    You come here to report your day (Flexible)

    You will respect the step you are in the cycle and you will internalize the concepts. You will adopt the posture that the step demands. Key attributes to every step are explained.

    120 days:
    This challenge has 120 days, meaning that every 10 days you move forward to the next step of the cycle. After the 120 days cycle ends, you should abandon the thread forever and never come back, taking the lesson that the Tarot thaught you during the journey.

    Partnership: We check on other runners progress. We give them likes, we welcome the new ones, we help each other. The journey is alone but the activity and the topic itself is shared.


    Basic habits to cover during the spiritual journey

    Green: Optional
    Blue: Important
    Red: Mandatory​

    1. Meditate
    2. Have tidy schedules
    3. Eat good
    4. Sleep well
    5. Exercise
    6. Groom yourself
    7. Read books
    8. Work on a hobby
    9. Have economic independence
    10. Go out the house
    11. Quit smoking
    12. Take cold showers
    13. Call/Videocall friends
    14. Have your house/room clean
    15. Only drink water
    16. Buy clothes
    17. Reduce time on the computer/smartphone


    Step 0
    THE FOOL: Day 0-9
    Key concepts: No rules, vigor, vitality, youth, travel, fearless, inocence.
    The Fool represents the start of an entire cycle, the start of a journey, and the absence/ignorance of goals.
    This also represent a impulsive start, without caring about risk or consecuences, it is just moving forward. Action over thoughts.


    Step 1
    THE MAGICIAN: Day 10-19

    Key Concepts: Cunning, vitality, power, skill, inteligence, material abundance, creation.
    The magician represents the universe being in your side, and it giving you all the tools you need to develop anything you want. It is the power to create anything, it is the big start. It means to be ready.
    As you stop to be impulsive and taking dangerous risks, you become like the magician: juicious, clever and ready to make your own creation.


    Step 2


    Key Concepts: Vision, experience, maturity, wisdom, secrecy, knowledge.
    The High priestess represents maturity, experience and knowledge. It also means that you are already holding all the lessons learned until now and keeping them for yourself, you are not sharing it.
    Also you are watching the past, the present and the future with care and mistrust.


    Step 3
    THE EMPRESS: Day 30-39

    Key Concepts: Maternity, fight, potency, power, love, fertility.
    The Empress represents in general the woman aura. The power of a mother fighting for protecting her children.
    Together with the sexual energy, the power of the love of a mother to their children is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.
    This step in the journey means enormous power, also it means power developing, power growth and family values.


    Step 4

    THE EMPEROR: Day 40-49

    Key Concepts: Virility, maturity, manhood, management, order, security, structure.
    The Emperor represents the man aura, and the use and management of power.
    It means to be in a power position, where you do not use your power, but you manage everything from a secure spot.


    Step 5
    THE HIEROPHANT: Day 50-59

    Key Concepts: Lessons, advice, obedience, learning, spirit.
    The hierophant represents learning and take knowledge from other people.
    Obedience, discipline and listen to others are key items to learn in this step.
    Also it means spiritual conection with yourself.
    It represents a moment to learn things and take the lessons that the universe is offering to you.


    Step 6

    THE LOVERS: Day 60-69
    Key Concepts: Love, decisions, affection, empathy, sensibility.
    The Lovers represent sensibility and the universe endorsing you affective life.
    Social success and friends abundance, learn about overwhelming emotions and interactions.
    Develop positive empathy. Cold, egoist and resentment emotions should be put aside.


    Step 7
    THE CHARIOT: Day 70-79

    Key Concepts: Overcoming obstacles, movility, triumph, power, victory.
    The Chariot represent spiritual transfers and also travels, archievements and goals at hand.
    Also means virility, vitality, intelligence and power. Capacity to move forward with impulse and strenght.
    As your power is tremendously abundant in this step, you must use it wisely.
    You can do anything you want and it will be most likely to happen, so being balanced is mandatory.


    Step 8

    THE JUSTICE: Day 80-89

    Key Concepts: Justice, balance, comunication, fairness.
    The Justice represent you getting what you deserve by rights. In the good or bad terms.
    The justice is always fair, and will give you what you deserve for your past actions.
    It means that you will recieve prizes, and at the same time pay for what you do wrong.
    Accept your destiny and your past with the goods and bads is the key of this step.


    Step 9

    THE HERMIT: Day 90-99

    Key Concepts: Security, experience, slowness, visiting the darkness.
    The hermit represent internal experimentation and being in contact with our own dark side.
    It mean a visit to the past, a looking in the shadows, in search for one truth that you need to know about.
    It is practically an encounter with your dark side, which is very necessary for take the last lessons before the cycle ends.


    Step 10
    THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Day 100-109

    Key Concepts: Movility, change, decisions, randomness, destiny.
    The Wheel of Fortune represents activity and movility, it is the last and stronger change you are running, without knowing what you will get from it.
    It mean to take actions and decisions to make it happen, it means going for the change.
    Making this change is mandatory and a lead must be taken.
    Also this action will produce a random content for your destiny, so be wise in the execution.


    Final Step

    THE STRENGHT: Day 110-120

    Key Concepts: Control, skill, moderation, balance, domain, prize.
    The Strenght represents a cycle ending and, philosophically, the control of a beast living inside the soul.
    It represents gaining total control over a strong adversity, controling it with wisdom and overwhelming expertise.
    It represents archieve mastery over obstacles, problems and challenges in a very soft and easy way.
    Since the cycles are infinite, as a cycle ends and the lesson is learned, another one starts.
    As you gain control in a situation that you had not control, as you dominate the beast, a prize is given to you.
    The journey ends.



    The Cycle Runners:



    The Cycle Graduates:


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    Hey Rambo, great idea and I will jump in for the journey with you.

    How do I join? I see you cast a vote on the other challenges.
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    Hello there. Very happy to see that someone has just decided to join the journey.

    You can go ahead and post here your day count as normal. I will add your name to the runners list, also since that is not clear, I will add a section explaining how to join.
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    Welcome to the journey. The best of luck in your road.
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    The best of luck in the journey. Remember to meditate everyday and grow up that muscles.
    You want to take the entire change: Mind, body, soul.
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    Thanks man, stuck it in my sig too. Its something I have been interested in learning to so I'm now on the hunt for a beginner book to Tarot. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    This should take me up to the six month goal which I'm currently eyeing.

    I'm pretty healthy, either gym or MTB every morning after a 6am getup. That followed by meditation are important parts of my daily routine.
  12. RamboErecto

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    The tarot is a philosophy that can be learned by your own. In youtube or internet in general is plenity of information to learn it.
    At the start can be difficult, since there is a lot of major and minor arcana simbology to learn, but when you advance some, you will just relate concepts each other and it will be easier to incorporate them.

    Books can help a lot, of course.
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    day 1
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    Day two! Feeling excited as it is day sixty for me tomorrow too!
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    Well, thats a lot of days, tomorrow I will have the first week and Im already having troubles. How you do that?
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    @RamboErecto I just get on a roll and try to stay there. Its been very hard at times, especially recently for some reason. Exercise and meditation have really helped me, cold showers too. This is my third streak since around November last year, twenty odd days the first, seventy four the second I think and now this one. No binges between and the long streak ender was sex but I'm doing hardmode so...

    Its good though, I see huge benefits and it has definitely made me a much stronger individual. I'm ruthless now lol.
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    I got about 6 days now, this is getting already nasty.
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    day 2
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