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    Hello, today we start into a new week. Besides your personal goal, I would like to invite you to an exercise today. And it works that way.

    Imagine what you want for yourself. Something that will be true for you on Sunday.
    That can be a feeling, a connection to yourself or others, a positive belief ...
    (Speak from your perspective on Sunday, when your goal will already have become reality)

    Ex.: A belief: I am a great man who is self-confident and active.

    Or a feeling: I feel deep joy and satisfaction.

    • So now formulate your own sentence. Feel what you want or what you will actively invite into your life.

    To participate write it down as a comment below.

    Now comes the active part. Your task is to connect with your goal at least once every day. The more, the better. In order to have it present every day, the note on your mirror helps you while brushing your teeth in the morning .

    • How do I transform it into reality? Turn your sentence into action or action or feeling, and perceive yourself at the same time.

    Ex. Belief: In the supermarket, I connect with self-confident energy and then talk to the pretty staff to get advice on a product.

    Ex: Feeling: I actively perceive the beautiful things during the day and stay with them for a moment. In the process, I feel how this connection or the moment makes me happy and satisfied.


    If you want to take part, post your til-Sunday goal now.

    Hug Jörg
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  2. OMG now I notice I've been practising "the feeling" this last days.

    Always I've been a serious guy without any facial expression, but recently I use to smile by any reason at first, but by the past of the days this has becamed the fuel to a positive mindset, I'm feeling very happy and enjoying little things in life.

    Now, I will be trying the "Belief" part, I'm sure it will work.

    I'd highly recommend this!
  3. Snakeloa

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    Good to hear MrAlive. This is a very simple and still very successful tool to enrich your life by feeling, perceiving ("be")on one hand side and to transform and activate ("do") on the other hand side. It works great when performed as a regular routine.

    Here is my piece I am going to work on:
    I am a man who is living joyful and connected to the beautiful people around me.
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    My new "till Sunday workpiece" is that by next Sunday the connections I have to the people around me will be out of love. Even when I set my boundaries
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    Oh man, this was a hard week. To be connected to others from the heart turned out to be a really tough challenge. I am going to repeat this goal for the upcoming week again.
    I could see myself failing several times. It was even hard to remember this "til Sunday mantra".
    I did now put up a note on my laptop to remind me of it. to have it more present.
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    Ok, I tried again this week to connect from my heart to others. It went way better than the first week. And I could see that I managed several times to connect from my heart and to remember this more often. Still, it seems to just not fit into my energy at the moment. Therefore I will try to further work on this and will choose a new goal for the upcoming week:

    The archetypes that support me are:
    Lover: feel and warrior: Courage, set boundaries

    Hug Jörg
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    Oh yes, that worked really well. I managed to maintain that goal throughout the week. And the funny thing is, it even opened up my heart by doing so.

    I will prolong this goal for another week.
    What is the goal you are setting yourself until next Sunday?

    hug Jörg

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